Jesus never preached the BCF word

Think about it BCF & MCF congregants.

When did Jesus ever preach the BCF word?

Jesus went to great lengths in John 15-18 to explain the future to His disciples. About being linked to the true vine. About His resurrection. About the Holy Spirit.

“The Holy Spirit, another helper, will guide you and bring remembrance of everything I have taught you”

But does Jesus give any warning of Vic Hall’s coming ‘guru headship’?

Vic Hall calls it the ‘Gospel of Sonship’. Does Jesus ever talk about Vic’s Gospel of Sonship? He had great opportunity in John 15-18. Talking about being linked to the True Vine.

But Jesus didn’t.

If Vic’s teachings were true or important then Jesus would have told us.

‘Be linked to me by meeting with elders who have loving and wise sight for your life. Offer up and open your life to them. You will lose your life in their presence and give up every vain desire you ever had. They will help you lose your idols. But you will find Me. You will find your naming as you hear their counsel.’

There is nothing remotely like that said by Jesus or any epistle writer.

But Vic Hall would have us believe his word is so true and so important that all of Christendom has got it wrong and that is how we should be living our lives.

Of course Vic’s word is just something that sounds Scriptural but isn’t. It’s kind of ‘fan fiction’. It’s like the Book of Mormon. It sounds a bit like the Bible but it isn’t the Bible.

Vic Hall is creating his own Scripture.

Melbourne Christian Fellowship has become a house of psychobable

When is it that MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) & BCF (Brisbane Christian a Fellowship) became houses of psychobable?

Pre-1988, there always was an unnecessarily controlling element involving ‘deep and meaningfuls) and some suffered terribly under that regime.

But post 1992-ish, Vic Hall brought in enormous amounts of navel-gazing and patriarchy that was simply un-Biblical.

Not only was there Vic’s messenger word with submission to guru elders (or husbands) but there were endless sessions of Bible Studies (with little Biblical basis) encouraging all sorts of psychological analysis.

We were encouraged to:

  • ‘Renegotiate’ our marriages
  • Assess whether we, as men, were ‘feminized’
  • Assess whether, as women, we were usurping
  • Assess everything we did to find ‘idols’
  • Determine which type of house we were (evangelistic, teaching, serving, pastoral)
  • Were we living ‘parallel’ lives?
  • Should we take up good opportunities or sacrifice them so God could impute them back?

and so on.

At some level it all makes sense Biblically. But when this preaching goes on and on for 5 to 10 years and most of the content is more like pop-psychology, that’s when it becomes a cult and dangerous.

Along with the ability to psych ones fellow congregants cane power and esteem. In the end if you couldn’t use the lingo and were seen as a weak assessor, you were out of the equation when it came to doing anything in the church.

A quiet-ish person was forever delegated to toilet cleaning. Someone like that could never even be considered for leadership despite possibly being an excellent bible teacher and enthusiastic evangelist. Just quiet in football conversation. And Vic Hall psychobable.

So this psychobable and judgement and presumption is what MCF & BCF leaders became masters of. They would talk of ‘laying (your dreams, idols, ministries) down, back or forward’ and these all carried distinct meanings that none of us congregants could quite work out. Then there was the legalism of assessing which Levitical offering your service was and which type of vow it was.

Ultimately, these leaders would waffle their way into essentially being treated like apostles. Special dinners were held for the leaders when they come down to conferences. Meanwhile, we plebs were treated like trash, unable to make the slightest contribution apart from menially serving their agendas.

Oh, MCF, BCF, when will you repent?

Think about all these pushes. Not one has led to anything! There’s almost no fruit. Nothing has come of pointless sacrifices. So many people lost through rough treatment. So many children lost to the world because of outrageous requirements. And no teaching of the basic gospel! No training in the basic gospel! No evangelism. And the youth just learning to regurgitate what leaders want to hear. It’s so sad.

A plea to MCF congregants

We heard there’s new revelations coming from Vic Hall & BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship). About communion, that it should be done as a genuine meal or supper with discussion of the word. All to do with Christ being the bread of life, so maybe no need to have literal bread.

These claims seem over the top and unnecessary (as usual). 1 Cor 11 makes it clear that communion is a time of personal reflection and communal eating of a small meal in remembrance of Christ. Whether at church or home. It’s neither a discussion of the word or a morning tea. It’s not about nourishment.

It seems like most churches have it right.

My plea to MCF (& BCF) congregants is: why are you accepting Vic’s utterings without critical analysis? In uncritically trusting Vic Hall, you are becoming a place that is convinced by prolonged psychobable. That’s what BCF proclamations are. The Scriptural justification is always pathetic. But the psychobable goes on for weeks.

And why keep following Vic Hall given so many past mistakes that were all driven by an egotistical need to be ‘special’?

The early MCF teaching was somewhat special, but not globally unique. Don’t take it to yourselves. Spread it. And no need to embellish it with Vic Hall.

Think about all the harm Vic has brought;

  • Prescriptively managing men’s lives with guru headship
  • Abolishment of true priesthood of all believers (only allowed to offer Vic’s latest teachings)
  • Shunning ex-members
  • Claiming to be a special Zechariah bowl of teachings
  • Teaching it’s ok to divorce wives just due to lack of obedience to elders!
  • Crazy teachings on vows & offerings that went nowhere
  • Crazy emphases on naming what sort of house your house was
  • Horrific teaching on presumptuous ‘imputation ’ (expecting God to resurrect sacrificed opportunities)
  • Horrific law-based serving of young people (no initiative allowed)
  • Complete lack of interest in leadership and bible study and missionary work in the young generation
  • Being banned from every initiative
  • Then being told: ‘why do you have no initiative’
  • Being pigeon-holed as masters or servants

Everything we did since 1993 under Vic Hall has led nowhere and has required correction and repentance.

All these things are distractions from normal Christian living.

Think about it.

A culture of destructive presumption at MCF & BCF

Presumption is a well known sin in Christendom. But at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) they have made an art of it.

Presumption is, put simply, assuming that God is 100% behind the way you are following God. It’s claiming to hear from God and being 100% sure of it. It’s assuming your way is the right way. It’s assuming that we can take every Scripture so literally that we could literally die for it, like, every time.

Should we live like that? Of course not, but here, I’ll argue that that’s how we lived at MCF and BCF.

Scripture must always be read in the context of the ENTIRE Scriptures. It’s the reason that Jesus didn’t dive off a temple pinnacle: we don’t test the Lord our God to see if he will save us.

Well, the way I, and thousands of others, lived at MCF and BCF, was in a way of utter presumption that Vic Hall’s teachings were so literally true that we would sacrifice everything for them. Possibly even our literal lives.

For myself and my extended family, we sacrificed our own desires, numerous career and business opportunities, our finances, time with our own family and children and our relationships with friends and extended family. I can hardly forgive myself, let alone MCF and BCF for these loses that frequently bring tears.

Isn’t the Lord’s voice a still small voice? A lamp to our feet. It’s not a blow by blow list of rules for what to do next!

The problem with MCF and BCF congregants still stuck in these horrific cult churches is either (1) they haven’t realised yet that these types of sacrifices they themselves have made were completely unnecessarily or (2) they never actually made such sacrifices which explains why they are unsympathetic to our claims and losses.

All of these sacrifices were made under threat of loss of salvation of course. And were claimed by preaching and our own ‘guru’ elder to be for our good because it was ‘Idols’ we were sowing to.

But 99% of it is garbage.

The elders of course do NOT have sight for our idols and path any more than anyone else does.

The harmful point of presumption like this is that after 25 years (27 years now actually for those still in it) you just see the whole world in this manner.

The real world no longer has any meaning. If you give up everything you actually are interested in and are waiting for weird ‘imputations’ (miracles that go against logic) to run your life by, you never really know what to do.

You stop making decisions. You make stupid decisions. You live in a kind of super-spiritual stupor.

In the end there’s no difference at all to living without any regard to reality and being a good Christian. The effect of the preaching is that we all became really thoughtless Christians.

Here’s examples.

People close to me had heart problems, stents put in and were on drugs. But despite all the good that modern medicine had done they insisted on giving up their blood-thinning meds that were keeping them alive. only my begging of them got them to restart.

I myself was banned so much from stewarding my career that I really didn’t steward it at all for 10 years in obedience. I lost my mind, confidence, employability, respect, interest in life, finances and home.

Vic Hall is culpable.

But not everyone experienced this because some of us took their crap literally and others didn’t.

But because it was so gradual we did it. It’s incredible but we did it. Our particular guru elder is probably the biggest idiot on earth and we the next most.

MCF and BCF congregants: wake up!

Vic’s now preaching more utter crap.

Vic Hall is a hugely dangerous man.

Checklist for a BCF/MCF clean-up

If BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship)/MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) wanted to clean up their, frankly, cult-like act, and for all intents and purposes . . re-join Christendom, what could they do?

New revelations

I would humbly suggest BCF/MCF should not expect God to continuously ‘pour out’ new revelations on an annual basis beyond the gospel that Christ died for us. Instead, become expert at practising the core of Christianity and, sure, enjoy a few revelatory tidbits on the side.

I suggest to BCF/MCF congregants that that ‘religious pressure’ to ‘come up with new stuff’ is the CAUSE of all the problems at BCF/MCF. Vic Hall is, in essence, always trying to one-up Ray Jackson Snr and Offiler in the next ‘revelation’. No need. We’ve got the gospel already and Offiler’s approach is an extremely sensible framework for interpreting Scripture.

John 17 makes it clear: the ‘great ingathering’ will be fulfilled as us Christians love each other and are unified. That’s what we need to work towards! Re-watch the Jerusalem Passion.

There’s no Scriptural evidence for any promises for fundamental new revelations. Certainly no guarantees.

God may enhance a few things in these last days including understanding of End Times. Us bookish Bible scholars (I count myself as one) will always come across mini-revelations. It’s cool and edifying and useful. Like interesting understandings of what the different parts of Israel’s journey represent (Sojourn in Egypt, Wilderness, Promised Land, Captivity, Restoration). Or fascinating facts like it was exactly 41 years (which exactly equals one prophetic ‘last’ hour) between the resurrection and the Fall of Jerusalem. Fascinating. Cool. If we apply it in pattern to the 2000th anniversary of the resurrection coming up in 2029 then it means that, maybe, our last ‘hour’ is about to start in a few years . . All interesting and beneficial. But it’s not the core gospel.

But rethinking salvation again? Come on BCF/MCF!

That it’s through the Blood of Christ and the cross will NOT change! Nor our going on to be more like Christ by taking up our crosses and being transformed by allowing God to renew our minds.

This will NOT change by some new revelation.

Be content with what is written.

Do not go beyond what is written:

“Do not go beyond what is written.” Then you will not be puffed up in being a follower of one of us over against the other.

1 Cor 4:6


Never again, claim to be THE lampstand or THE messenger to the Church or THE ‘bowl’ or source of anything. If you have something good. Share it and let others decide. Never claim exclusivity and keep people attending in fear.

Jesus warned us not to listen to such claims:

People will tell you, ‘There he is!’ or ‘Here he is!’ Do not go running off after them.

Luke 17:23

You saw wonders of apostolic administrations – whether past or present or future – and . . thought it was you!


Messenger ‘Guru elder’ Word

There is no evidence that God gives elders special insight into how we should each live our SPECIFIC lives. Elders do NOT have near-clairvoyant ‘sight’. BCF/MCF’s interpretation of 2 Cor 4:6 is HOPELESSLY WRONG:

“For God, who said, ‘Light shall shine out of darkness,’ is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.”

2 Cor 4:6

Here (read the context) there is NO indication that apostles or other messengers to us carry anything more than the general . . and wonderful . . gospel message that Christ died for us!

That is why you need some careful ‘bookish’ people.

To extrapolate this to expecting special sight for our daily or important decisions in life is reading between the lines (see 1 Cor 4:6 above where we are warned NOT to do this!). This teaching was always dangerous for obvious reasons, destroyed people’s lives because it’s simply not true and minimizes our need to seek the Lord in prayer, spirit, transformation and Scripture. Not to even mention circumstance.

And there is no culture of ‘pairing off’ with elders to seek advice, It’s just NOT there in Scripture. Neither as a teaching NOR as a culture. Yet that’s how we lived together. Hearing from a guru! Sickening.

Vic Hall is seriously culpable for this heretical, horrific messenger ‘guru elder’ word.

Individual elders are seriously culpable for carrying out such nonsense so literally as to PRESCRIPTIVELY ban people from their plans and dreams with hell-fire, loss of salvation, as the result of disobedience.

This whole expectation of ‘sight’ from elders led to ridiculous and dangerous levels of presumption.

It was always a REALLY STUPID teaching Vic. Repent. Now. Read Charles’ visions of you Vic.

To assume that an elder would always be ‘tuned in’ when making such controlling demands of people.





Similarly, the word on naming is just a way of pigeon holing. Once an elder ‘names’ someone’s ‘nature’ or ‘capacities’ it was hard for them – or the poor soul named – to reverse it. Grow up MCF/BCF. This naming stuff is really dumb. Horrifically judgemental and a damaging practice of delinquent literalism.

Shunning, partiality & judgments

Shunning ex-members, even ones who are still Christians, and banning them from interaction with family members is horrific and a nasty twisting of Scripture. So many people shunned were nowhere near practices of these sins described in 1 Cor 5. Instead shunning was a way of scaring people to not leave BCF/MCF and go to another church! And it was/is practised too literally and widely.

I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people10 not at all meaning the people of this world who are immoral, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters. In that case you would have to leave this world. 11 But now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or slanderer, a drunkard or swindler. Do not even eat with such people.

1 Cor 5:9-11

BCF & MCF also practise debilitating partiality, to the extent that only ‘really in’ people get to do anything useful. Even after 20-30 years! And anyone expressing a desire to do some sort of ministry got banned from it! Grow up! Give people a go. Pull the weeds out later.

It got to the point that no matter HOW hard you tried, you could not contribute anything substantive – apart from dishwashing – at MCF for example.

Priesthood of All Believers

Bring back biblical Priesthood of all Believers.

Be Berean again. Check the word taught. No more ‘Fathered Word’ business.

Read and quote your Bibles. Be balanced in teachings.

Don’t force feed one-tracked teachings from Vic Hall books.

Let the congregation minister.

Let there be instruction from the congregation at ‘Body Ministry time’, not just prophecy:

What then shall we say, brothers and sisters? When you come together, each of you has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. Everything must be done so that the church may be built up.

1 Cor 14:26

It’s so clear that teaching should come from the congregation in an UNPLANNED-by-the-elders way.

Repentance & restitution

BCF/MCF need to apologise to a lot of people.

For a start check out this TINY list I personally know of.

And, in some cases, pay restitution. Some people lost family. Many their sanity. Some their employability, opportunities, finances or houses. All of us our freedom and plans. Some of us all of the above. It would be appropriate to pay the worst affected up to $200K (e.g. myself & Helen Pomery). I’d suggest MCF/BCF should pay out at least $10M from asset holdings to around 200 affected families, like $50K each (sell off some land or something). It’s still MINISCULE compared to what you did to us. Just the mental pain. But it would be a nice gesture demonstrating taking accountability. It would help us get our lives back together.


You must see your leader Vic Hall for what he is (until he repents): an egotistical control freak with a religious spirit. We have given numerous examples here.

You must demote the ‘Yes Men’. And those that proclaimed harsh demands.

You must promote the ones who love the Lord but question as a good Berean.

You must promote some ‘bookish’ people. Not just smooth talkers (like Richie) or everyday folks (like Wes Hutchinson). Promote some thinkers and researchers too. People like the gospel writers Luke and Matthew and Paul the Apostle himself, all a bit research-y.

As I always said, if you had Wycliffe or Tyndale Or Wesley or Offiler in your congregations they would be the guys washing the dishes all the time. From experience, you would trample them because they um and ah. Too awkward. Too scholarly. Not touchy feely enough for us. You did that to me for literally 30 years. You need to grow up! Babies.

A clean break

MCF and BCF. It’s time to clean up your act. This is just a partial, yet really sad, list.

Then change your name. You’ve dirtied the name ‘Christian Fellowship’ to such an ugly point.

Make a clean break.

Why listen to me?

So many of us still love your beginnings!

And I was, in the presence of the full congregation, prophetically declared a ‘Pillar in the House of the Lord’ by Ray Jackson Jnr in the early 1990s and have remained true to that calling.

I’m just holding up my end of the bargain. Read Jer 1. Jeremiah is the only ‘Pillar in the House’ in all of Scripture! His job was to warn the elders and the princes and cry out to those in the courtyards, of . . what? Deviations from the Word of the Lord.

That I have done.

Not always perfectly. But, within the constraints of my humanity and my BCF/MCF-caused losses, including decades of uncalled for tramplings, humiliation and waste, like Jeremiah, I’ve done my job. Complaints. Doctrinal & cultural corrections. Testimonies to back it all up. Only truth as it happened. Warts and all.

David wrote many Psalms full of lists of complaints (eg: Ps 76-80).

These are my Psalms of Complaint.

The key thing BCF/MCF & Vic Hall got wrong

Weaved into my posts here is the answer. But let’s make it clear.

For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ.

2 Cor 4: 6

BCF/MCF & Vic Hall thinks that means that elders have ‘supernatural sight’ for your life. Like whenever you come to them. On call. Just because they are elders. Without special prayer or knowledge or training. Just supernaturally they ‘know’ what is right for you.

And they will never change their mind. They can’t. They said it. From God.

And if you don’t obey them and make your own decision you will go to hell.

And if you don’t come to them you gradually turn into persona-non-grata. A nobody.

It’s the most utterly disgusting twisting of Scripture I can think of (that’s got some subtlety to it).

They’ve devastatingly taught this since 1993.

27 years!

This has locked up thousands of people for decades.

People destroyed. Limited to live a life of NOTHINGNESS. And those who survived? They probably never brought up their true plans! I gradually learned that others either had no plans or just didn’t bring them up! Either way, we were all locked up to not really talk about what we wanted to do. Or got banned.

All designed to lock congregants up to servitude to increasingly nasty leaders and not leave.

BCF/MCF is, quite frankly, the most STUPID and EVIL place on Earth,

They’ve simply MIXED UP the revelation of the original gospel to us by messengers – that Christ died for us – with IDIOTIC, SATANIC deep and meaningfuls, i.e. ‘counselling’ sessions between elders and us plebs.

It’s as simple as that.

They ACTUALLY think that Paul the Apostle is actually referring to their sickening and debilitating sessions where they tell us whether we can sow to this plan or that plan, marry this or that person or start this or that business or course.

It’s got nothing to do with that!

It’s about the gospel that Jesus died for us.

How do wwe know that?

Not once in Scripture is there an admonition to have hundreds of sessions with your elder. To pair up with your elder and go for palm reading sessions.

It’s not there.

They did not live like that then.

Don’t live like that now.

Jesus is in you.

And like Abraham, sure, every now and then a messenger will come and set us straight. Thank God!

But day by day we live by Jesus in us.

Vic Hall is . . wrong.

BCF & MCF, I have forgiven you previously.

I only write in the hope that you will stop harming people and make some restitutions to people.

Mafia tactics

I’d like to challenge you BCF & MCF congregants. Is there any scenario in which the ‘mafia’ style tactics could possibly be of God?

  • BCF & MCF have members SCARED as hell to talk to me! Once a month I get someone calling Justine and I. They want out without losing contact with their families. But BCF & MCF threaten them with shunning. Can this be God’s way?
  • Yes, BCF & MCF really shun relatives who have left. Your ‘lovely’ elders spend half their time on cover-ups and shunnings!
  • BCF & MCF sanction divorces and break-ups simply based on one member not going 100% the way of the elders. That is NOT Scriptural.
  • BCF & MCF are locking people up. Stopping people sowing to their own plans. From making their own responsible decisions. You make everyone 2nd guess everything. YOU are driving people nuts and stealing people’s lives.
  • Many everyday BCF & MCF members DO NOT care about the harm being done to people’s families and to people’s lives and freedom. Many of you DO NOT care about those of us who have left and lost, say 30 years of our lives. Or lost contact with family members and friends due to shunning. Many of you DO NOT care.

None of this can possibly be of God.

The purity of offering

BCF/MCF, you have COMPLETELY misunderstood the what and how of the purity of the congregation’s offering.

You do not need to try and determine whether people are on ‘God’s exact path’ for their lives every minute! Whether through psych-ing out sessions or pure fact. That BCF/MCF way is UTTERLY INSANE, and amounts to clairvoyance, presumption and . . yes, gossip. I was shocked at how much other elders knew about things I had confessed. Many of the elders have become sickos through this. Oh, you delinquent leaders! God never meant for you to be getting into such STUPID stuff. Note taking on people’s sins. You silly, misguided, stupid, mean and evil leaders.

You simply need to look for simple fruit! Love. Serving. BASIC holy living. Encouraging. Enthusiasm. Joy. Building up of both simple and advanced knowledge from the Bible and the Lord. Wisdom. Caring. Helping.

Not lists of what they want to do in their jobs! Businesses. Travels. Relationships. Or their ministry plans! Not how much they can quote Vic Hall lingo.

How wicked. How pointlessly judgmental.

What BCF/MCF needs to do

Leaders, you need to be gentle with your congregants.

Not scare them into staying.

Congregants, you need to open your eyes. God’s plans can’t be at the expense of love and decency and kindness.

Vic Hall is wrong about the ‘sight’ of the elders

God wants us to follow His plan for our lives, yes.

But here’s what BCF and MCF got wrong: Scripture does not support our lives being dictated to by elders. It just doesn’t. You can quote 2 Cor 4:6 100 times but it doesn’t mean what you think it does.

Messengers bring us to Christ and the cross. Yes!

But the remainder of the epistles and Acts are NOT AT ALL consistent with messengers guiding our every decision. There is no pairing off of people for ‘palm-reading’ sessions in the Scriptures. It did not happen then. It should not happen now.

Vic Hall is . . wrong.

Abraham spent half his life making mistakes.

He only heard from a messenger a handful of times!

It’s meant to be that way. We learn to live by the Word of God becoming flesh in our lives. By the light of His Word and Spirit.

By elders and messengers only here and there!

What BCF/MCF has become

You have, as a result of these aberrations, become a sick and dangerous cult. An abomination. In two vision, Charles at MCF has seen your leaders playing pointless ‘mouth games’ and wearing millstones and heading into a dark abyss. I want to tear my shirt.

You are the opposite of what you should be.

Over the last 27 years at BCF/MCF you have become a religiously sick cult that is full of PSYCHOBABBLE. You are hardly Christian now. It’s all about psychology and sus-ing each other out.

Your sermons this year sound . . utterly ridiculous and smirkingly, hideously smug. The smugness of your ‘proclaiming’. You think that by confidently ‘Vic speaking’ it becomes true? How foolish. You are playing ‘mouth games’. And what hideous harm it has brought.

I was prophetically named a pillar watchman in your midst!

But you never heard me even once. Ray! Vic! Murray! Bob!

I want to tear my shirt again.

Act now

Congregants, you should care about those hurting. That would be Christian love.

Leaders of BCF and MCF. You need to stop playing global leader of the church.

You are an embarrassment to the Church.

Vic Hall and BCF are preaching salvation thru obedience to elders

I just listened to one of Vic Hall’s recent live streaming communion messages (Oct 4, 2020).

He rambled thru a commentary of the epistles of Timothy & Titus and simply said it all meant that our salvation is dependent on how much we let ‘watchman’ elders, who are part of a presbytery, speak into our lives.

Nothing other than the same false teachings they’ve been saying for 27 years now.

It’s all designed to keep you at BCF & MCF since nobody else has presbyteries that’s keep guard over watchman elders like them.

Well, it’s trying to lock people by fear into staying at BCF & MCF.

Of course we should listen to leaders. But nowhere do any of those readings from Paul’s epistles suggest that such elder ship guidance is anything other than towards godly, wholesome living.

The truth is that weighing up inputs helps us in our walk. But that’s it.

But at BCF & MCF people get and expect much more! They are told what to do with their lives, work & ministry wise, who to marry, who to befriend and who to shun.

And that’s what saves them!

Not the blood of Christ and a life of humility amongst our brethren and the world.

Instead BCF would have us believe our salvation comes from going seance-like to hear our palms read by elders with spiritual sight.


God wants us to be transformed by the Holy Spirit and hearing the simple message of the cross to make our own godly decisions and make offerings of service and love daily amongst family, colleagues & friends. That is the true gospel.

That is being free in Christ to live our own life according to Christ in us, never forgetting the refreshing and good advice gained from fellowship in the body of Christ.

BCF’s subtle twist is what makes it a dangerous cult.

If BCF simply looked at how the early church lived they would see there was no systematic pattern of splitting off into deep-and-meaningfuls between elders and congregants! Their meetings are described as full of prayer and instruction by a congregants to the group and hymns and spiritual gifts.

There is not one example of a request in the Epistles or Acts (or gospels) to systematically pair off for palm-reading sessions!

Why MCF & BCF are so dangerous

I’m trying to get back to a big picture here.

These cult churches are so dangerous for two main reasons:

1. They teach & practice family breakups.

2. They teach & encourage abandonment of almost all plans, desires & stewardship.

Family breakups

The family breakups at MCF & BCF are so ugly & cruel. Of course as Christians we need to keep ourselves pure from unbelievers including family members. But that doesn’t mean we cut them off or rubbish them. We just don’t get our faith from them.

And of course MCF & BCF will cut off family members just for going to another church! And especially if they left in disagreement with the elders.

Such cruel treatment that parents can’t talk to children or grandchildren, aunts to nieces and so on. This is disgusting.

And they allow divorce on the basis that the spouse disagrees with their spouse or the elders. Totally unscriptural.

And no legal grounds to get justice. Only accept it and wait for The Lord’s justice.

Abandonment of plans & stewardship

This is the one that hugely destroyed me. My plans in business, technology innovation & ministry were identified as idols and I could no longer sow to or steward or enact those plans.

Family is important but the next most important thing to a persons life is what you do with your life.

Well it destroyed me to have no sow-able, buildable plans in business, technology, innovation & ministry.

All due to Vic Hall’s cockamamy theology.

And it affected me for 25 years from age 25 to 49 until I left utterly trampled and greying. Vast missed opportunities. Financially and psychologically destroyed. Trampled to nothing.

Again, no legal grounds to get justice. Only accept it and wait for The Lord’s justice.

Easy to say. Hard to do.

What you did to us MCF & BCF

I want to convey what it felt like to live in MCF under the BCF word direction during 1992-2016.

It was hell on earth if you actually had any dreams in work or ministry.

So the messenger word of Vic Hall made you feel guilty about having even the slightest ambitions. You actually gradually died inside and began living in the future. Nothing you wanted to do could even be verbalised so you internalised it and hoped that God would open the door in the future.

If you wanted to do something in ministry you knew you couldn’t verbalise it because the elders would instead ban you from it. Because having any desires or plans was ‘naming yourself’.

But it got worse than that. Not only did you have to hope God would open the door but you had to believe that your local ‘guru’ elder would get the same revelation and allow you to do it. And worse again: they would even have to ask you to do it.

So when I wanted to commercialise my tech startup in 1997 not only did they say ‘no’ and delay me changing jobs for 5 years but they delayed my business for 7 years and banned others from backing me.

And the ultimate statement David Bonham made to me: ‘No man can start a business unless an elder asks him to’.

That killed me. My idea and the market were ripe. Not only would there be a delay to maybe never, but I had to get it out of my mind and hope that God would reveal to David Bonham that he should ask me to start it!

Can you see how torturous this was?

It destroyed me.

And I knew it would affect my opportunity to minister in the body of Christ too. That got shut down too.

There was nothing left but to live as a kind of drone. That’s how I lived my 30s. My young life was stolen from me. My craft was stolen from me. My opportunities were stolen from me. My serving of the Lord was stolen from me.

For 7-20 years depending on extent. I finally left MCF has a broken man in 2016 as a 49yo. I had been a young man with a fantastic future, already a high performing 10 year science career and all my dreams then got trampled and robbed. We lost our livelihoods and house and confidence and minds and respect.

I forgive you David Bonham and MCF and BCF.

But I can’t stop warning people whilst you are still doing it to others.