Charles’ 2nd Vision

In 2012, my Dad, Charles had an unexpected vision of the deception the elders were under.

But this week, in October 2019, after I told him about my (this) blog, he had a 2nd relevant vision that night, for the first time since 2012.

In his vision this week he saw himself in a stadium, something like a gladiator stadium.

And a beautiful cake descended and was wrapped up in plastic wrap to go into cold storage.

Dad immediately understood that this was MCF’s ORIGINAL word, and MCF having lost its lampstand, was now separated from the original solid restorationist word.

And there were men that separated Charles away and sat him down, isolated from everyone else in a part of a the stadium.

Meanwhile they had fun with a pointless, warped and strange game with a ball that he was not allowed, nor did he want, to play. The game involved spitting a ball out of ones mouth, probably hinting at the ‘Vic’-speak all the leaders began to assume as they became masterful users of the MCF/BCF lingo.

Charles realized these games were the distractive, dangerous and pointless devices of Vic Hall of the past 25 years. Strange teachings, lingo and legalism to keep the flock feeling they are getting something, but instead going around in circles for 25 years.

Oh Vic. Oh MCF.

It’s time.

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