MCF Quotes

Paul, didn’t you know that these teachings were just theories?

Murray Wylie (2018)

This word we are preaching is a proclaimed, fathered word. It has been tested by the presbytery. It is not to be debated or questioned but acted on. If we self-name ourselves there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Those who name themselves will ultimately go mad. Their worm will not die.

Vic Hall, Murray Wylie & company (1995-2010-ish). Every month or so.

These books only have a lifetime of a few months, or maybe a year or so. After that you should burn them.

Vic Hall (2015)

We never taught that elders should be involved in the minutiae of men’s lives!

Vic Hall (2014-ish). Liar.

Paul is a good brother. If any leader has gone beyond his mandate, they should apologise and make restitution.

Vic Hall (2016)

How much restitution would you expect?

Bob Stevens (2016)

I’m very disappointed in these men. They claimed they had no idea they were going beyond their mandate. So I told them how they should have counselled.

Richie Kaa Jnr (2016)

Laurie Holland was involved too?

Richie Kaa (2016). He refused to talk to Laurie Holland who was pivotal in manipulating me to obey David Bonham.

They sound like great plans.

David Bonham (1996) when Justine & I shared our desire to move to a nearby farmlet, travel overseas & start a business. In the end he banned all three.


David Bonham (1997) when I asked him if I could start my business (at the end of a long ambiguous counselling session).

Look, that’s a man with blocked goals.

David Bonham (1997) to his apprentices while I was crying at their bullying demands.

No man can start a business unless an elder asks him to

David Bonham (1997)

You need to name these desires as idols.

David Bonham (1997)

You need a conversion experience.

David Bonham (1997)

I’d like to offer up your name as leadership potential but you simply aren’t settled in this word on laying down. It’s a once-in-a-generation thing so you’re going to miss out.

David Bonham (1997) at Easter camp. Happy Easter to you too David.

You can’t leave that job! You’re not serving your boss in your heart.

David Bonham (1997)

We never said you couldn’t leave your job!

David Bonham (2002), after I’d stayed in a job I hated for five years.

David Bonham wont let me invest in your company.

My Dad, Charles (2002)

I feel like I’ve just seen the future of computing! I’m going to connect you to the guys up in Brisbane who can put some cash into this.

Bill Barnes (2002), one morning at BACE business centre.

Er . . ah . . investment’s probably not appropriate at this early stage.

Bill Barnes (2002). that evening at MCF. Someone got to him.

It was only advice!

Gary Worth (2016)

There’s nothing I can do unless it’s sex abuse.

Gary Worth (2016)

We never taught anything wrong.

Gary Worth (2016)

We never knew anything about what David Bonham was doing to you.

Gary Worth (2016) lying to me. I told him Laurie Holland, on the presbytery, knew everything & was a perpetrator. And they all talked about everything, as ex-presbytery elders have told me.

You’re unworthy.

Gary Worth (2016)

David Bonham uncovered all sorts of secret sins in your life.

Bob Stevens (2016) bullying me. Yeah, and I confessed these sins, common to man, out of my fear of God voluntarily.

These positives you see for your plans are just tricks of the enemy.

Steve Anderson (1997)

Did I say that?

Steve Anderson (2016)

I hated what David Bonham made us do to you. I don’t even want to speak to him again.

Steve Anderson (2016)

All of your plans are just trophies you are trying to gain for your life.

Steve Holland (1997)

I would do it again.

Steve Holland (2016)

We were so sorry about how the homegroup treated you and Juzzy.

Helen Holland (2016)

I choose to believe David Bonham.

Matt Bellingham (2016). Betrayal.

I sort of remember a period where there was a lot of talk about ‘laying down’ prerogatives.

Typical party-line response from an MCF groupie (PH, 2016). Betrayal. That was the preaching every week for 25 years PH!

You’ve been mistreated. I’ve never counselled harshly like that.

Ray Jackson Jnr (2016)

Paul, we’ll have to get you restored and healed-up (in your natural life and ministries).

Ray Jackson Jnr (2016)

There’s nothing I can do for you.

Ray Jackson Jnr (2016). A month later. Betrayal.

There were a lot of over-the-top teachings at MCF a few years ago. Even I wondered if we were a cult.

Richie Kaa Jnr (2016). Privately.

The Isaac play wasn’t about us laying down our lives. It was about the historical Isaac.

Richie Kaa Jnr (2016). With the presbytery. Betrayal.


Richie Kaa Jnr (2016) when asked whether his songs about ‘all my hopes & vain longings’ were, in fact, actually about giving up prerogatives.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is death.

Laurie Holland (1997) when I wanted to start my business. He grabbed me by the arm and ensured I had no doubt I was going to hell if I disobeyed David Bonham. And Gary Worth called that ‘advice’.

Don’t steward your ministries. Just obey your admin leaders. Your life is hidden in Christ to be revealed (in eternity).

Jonathan Wills (2016), preached at MCF from the pulpit. With that, we left.