The code of silence is why I blog on MCF/BCF

Thanks for all your well-wishes everyone. And even those who just want me to shut up!

I blog here because I lived under a code of silence for 25 years. That’s kind of my whole adult life.

I’m not doing that again!

It was horrific, depressing, sole-destroying , unbiblical and unnecessary. At MCF we couldn’t speak our mind or share our heart since 1993.

And it’s continuing. When you leave you get shunned because they don’t want others to know the truth. They cover up past horrors of control. Our friends just stick by the elders because one doubt is all that’s needed to become an outsider.

I don’t want what happened to me and hundreds of others to be just swept under the carpet.

We are getting on with our lives.

We are forgiving.

Even as they keep doing it! To us!

But that doesn’t mean it’s ‘closed-mouth time on the cross’ every day for everyone.

In this season I’m exposing MCF & BCF. Jesus did not keep his opinions about the Pharisees secret did he? No! Did David hold back from complaining about his enemies? No! Read Psalms 60-80. And how can someone pay restitution for something they didn’t know they did?

This cannot be swept under the carpet. It was unbiblical control originated by Vic Hall and BCF and stupidly run as a mantra by nitwits at MCF for 25 years and who are the same delinquent leaders that obeyed a known womaniser for the previous 25 years.

I’m not saying those leaders weren’t well-meaning initially or don’t love God. But they love group-speak and security and their positions more than God. Or the flock.

It’s no surprise then when I look back. I was unable to have a sensible discussion with an elder there since around 1993. Out of 20 discussions they always came back to unjustified theories instead of Bible. They stopped thinking themselves totally. Sad. Un-Berean.

I became a believer in Pentecostalism & Restorationism because the evidence was overwhelming

I did not switch from Lutheranism to Pentecostalism and Restorationism lightly or due to emotion.

Everything I saw or heard in testimony or preaching beautifully fit with Scripture and actually caused Scripture to dovetail within itself incredibly intricately and beautifully. And what it generated in our hearts and lives just added to this.

It was like finding the key to a treasure chest.

If you do not know what I mean, or why I say this, just ask in the comments section.

But the word from Vic Hall? From day one in 1993-ish it only ever was dubious, forced and shoehorned. And open to all sorts of misuse, control and partiality.

And was that impression ever accurate!

I challenge any of you in the MCF/BCF word to use Scripture to justify your beliefs!

Show us where Vic’s word is in Scripture!

Show us where it’s clarified and confirmed in how the early church lived!

But that’s not how it was taught to us. Instead we were indoctrinated gradually and told it was unbelieving to check it up ourselves or question it!

The opposite of the behaviour of the apostles and every single BIBLICAL restorationist move since Martin Luther, including the original MCF move itself.

I’m sorry MCF

For what it’s worth, I’m sorry MCF & my friends and fellow-worshippers at MCF, for my explosive response to my discovery that, IMO, MCF had essentially been a fraud for 30 years plus more.

When I realised I had been submitting for 20-30 years to

1. An outrageous non-Biblical doctrine of Vic Hall’s creation

2. That my elders had been amongst the craziest in the country

3. That nobody else in my home group or congregation or the MCF leadership would acknowledge this (other than partial, non-restitutional and unaccountable apologies from the perpetrators or Richie, Ray & Keith)

4. That the elders had known from 3 respected men since the 1960s/1970s about Ray Snrs immoral activities

I let my anger be known.

My anger wasn’t initially sin. Neither was my emotion. After all, that leadership had destroyed 20+ years of my life in every facet, leaving me a shell of myself.

But I stupidly wrote emails to 30 (strong) congregation members telling them about it all. And expected them/you all to come to my same realisation instantly.

And then I got even angrier and swore in lots of emails.

I’m sorry for all that.

But I’m not sorry you saw some of the emotion of my realising I had been duped for 20+ years.

That was real and valid.

And it’s been 5 years now!

I still want to hear from anyone that is prepared to admit that the control, non-Biblical teachings, Vic Hall worship, unaccountable retractions, loveless counselling, shunning, codes of silence, partialities and coverups were all wrong.


I need some tiny hints of validation in THIS lifetime. It can’t all be swept under the carpet and left for the next life.

Your happy little isolated bubble is a big coverup of horrific proportions MCF.

Otherwise what YOU are all doing to me constitutes psychological torture. It does. The pretending it was all ‘my lot’.

Yes you MCF.

The Cult of Double Presumption

MCF and BCF kind of operated in the sin of ‘double presumption’.

By that I mean that their theology based on 2 Cor 4 about ‘elders having sight’ was (1) theologically presumptuous and then the individual elders literally (2) pastorally presumed that what came into their heads when they counselled was so ‘right’ that they could pronounce it as the edicts of God.

This ‘double presumption’ is some of the most audacious misuse of religion and Scripture in all of the history of modern restoration theology.

When I think that for 25 years I obeyed judgmental idiotic edicts about EVERY aspect of my life, career, hobbies, residence, travel plans and business plans I want to throw up.

To think these looney elders were sprouting this presumptuous crap and didn’t themselves realise the whole theology was crazy.

To us, we assumed they were praying about every edict snd knew they were somehow right like a prophecy. But in fact they were just rambling off the top of their heads.

I knew they were technically wrong about most of their idiotic edicts about my career and inventions and business plans.

But they also taught us that elders can make mistakes and we must obey anyway otherwise we would go to hell.

This is the life I lived for more than 20 years from 1995-2016.

I destroyed my own life by trusting these lunatics who knew exactly what they were doing as we plebs obeyed them like slaves.

And most MCF people will not acknowledge it and instead beg us to come back!

It is shocking the way we lived.

It saddens us enormously that they will not believe us.

Most people now remaining at MCF are confident and talented successful musical or ministry types or elders kids who were treated well by the elders (or are normal people who have little or no initiative or plans or thoughts of ministry).

Any way you look at it, it’s sickening.

The top 4 Vic Hall Scriptures are totally ambiguous

Yesterday I stated that there is no evidence Scripturally or in fruit or witness that Vic Hall is right.

Well, let’s look at the New Testament again.

The Scriptures Vic uses quite simply mean nothing like what Vic says they mean.

2 Cor 4:5,6

For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. 6 For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ.

Why does that mean that elders have special ‘sight’ for our particular lives? That interpretation is ridiculous. To hang a theology on that awkward verse??

Other Vic Hall verses

Then Vic uses other isolated New Testament verses that we all know.

The one about ‘where 2 or. 3 are gathered, He is in the midst’. Does that mean elders have mystical insight into our lives? And if we don’t obey we’re going to hell? Really? Of course not. It means God loves people praying together.

Or the verses about ‘the feet of’ messengers or ‘hearing the gospel’ from ‘sent ones’ etc. Vic even taught that the gospel was the ‘gospel of You’ because it was a path for your life dictated by messengers!

But none of this is stated in Scripture!

In fact the messengers bring us the generic message that Jesus died for us.

The Holy Spirit brings the challenge to our own lives. Not elders with clairvoyant ‘sight’! On call. That must be obeyed or you are self-naming and hell-bound!

Show me the actual Scriptures on self-naming. I challenge you.

Come back to the Scriptures. Truth. Simplicity. Freedom.

No evidence Vic Hall’s edicts are even vaguely right

You know, the teachings of Vic Hall not only have no basis in Scripture but there’s no evidence of fruit or authority or witness and the ‘messenger word’ has been clearly very damaging and even been reversed by MCF & BCF on multiple occasions.

If you have the slightest doubt, I would suggest reading your New Testament from cover to cover again. This time look for even hints of Vic’s word. You won’t find anything.

Why would God make it so hard to find if it were really true? So the only one who can decode it is Vic Hall?

Please, come to your senses.

So many of us who have left MCF and BCF are still believers in Gods plans for the body of Christ. Vic Hall is a detriment, not a key to those plans.

MCF conditioning keeps you trapped for decades

Many have warned us that cults like MCF and BCF keep you thinking the wrong way for decades. And that’s even appreciating God’s miraculous healing interventions because healing is often still a process, a walk.

I was skeptical because my realization I had been wrong about MCF came as a sudden epiphany (despite never agreeing with their Biblical proofs). And then I got REALLY angry with myself and them.

So I thought it meant my thinking would be instantly healed.

But, no, it’s really true. Five year later, despite some miracles and restoration, I am still stuck in some horrific and sad MCF modes of thinking.

I still can not get myself to EVER pray something totally normal for myself. If an answered prayer would end up giving ME something good, I don’t pray it.

Well, I pray it, but I can’t get myself to pray it sincerely.

MCF and BCF locked us into a suffering theology for so long we just don’t pray anything good for ourselves.

They taught us all our thoughts were idols. And we were taught that pro-self was self-naming and really evil. So you just stop praying for good things. It’s because the preaching on self-naming yourself to your own career or ministry plans or dreams was so forceful for like 15-20 years that you didn’t bother to have any plans. They would get shot down in seconds at meetings with elders. It was inhuman and preposterous. So you just didn’t bother even praying. Even praying felt selfish and evil.

After 25 years of living that way it becomes ingrained.

You think I am kidding? No. It wasn’t just teaching, but in all the counselling for 25 years, they never told me I ever had had a good thought.


MCF and BCF, you are a sick, sick, demented place.

I do pray for you despite the vast damage to my life caused by you and your manipulations.

I pray for you all as readers that we can learn to cast away such thoughts by applying Phil 4:6-8. Take those type of thoughts captive, name them for what they are (lies of the enemy), cast them away and think on all things good and edifying and wholesome instead. And pray soberly and realistically but in hope for good things even for yourself. And for your family and friends of course.

MCF & BCF are imprisoning people

I beg you all at MCF and BCF to ask yourselves why you are submitting to restrictions on your lives and careers and ministries that are so destructive.

You are submitting your children and spouses to this unbiblical lifestyle.

Study the Scriptures. Where is the Biblical evidence for letting elders TREAT YOU LIKE CHILDREN!

There’s none of course.

I lost the best 25-30 years of my life at MCF.

I hate what they did to my life.

I accept only that I was responsible for 0.1% of it.

For the rest I blame sycophantic elders and Vic Hall himself for manipulating us for more than 25 years.

I weep for my own loses and for those still there.

What’s wrong with BCF (and its new decree re communion/’the agape meal’)?

For those not in the know, BCF & MCF are an initially potentially really solid Christian move that’s gone ultra-insular and ultra-controlling. And ultimately cult.

But what is it exactly that’s bad?

Well, it’s several things.

Primarily, BCF and MCF have got to the point that they trust the direction of a single leader, Vic Hall who has built a bunch of ‘Yes Men’ around him.

Now, every church has one man ultimately.

BUT most churches aren’t issuing ‘decrees’ about new teachings every few months!

New BCF teaching on communion

BCF and MCF are continually expecting and creating new teachings or revelations. This current one is that communion should not be a solemn sacrament with bread and wine but a fellowship around the preached word at church or home in small groups with any old food/supper you want.

Some of this is fine. Even edifying. And of course communion can be done in small groups.

But it’s the insistence that Christendom has DEFINITELY had it wrong all these years that is cultish. And that this is now the only way as Vic Hall pointed out at a webcast meeting a few months ago.

None of this makes sense according to the Scriptures. 1 Cor 11 maks it 100% clear that:

  • Communion is a solemn moment of personal reflection
  • That it is about a corporate gathering at church
  • A time of remembrance of Christ
  • It’s not a real meal
  • No indication of discussion

How Vic can turn that into supper around coffee and cakes at church and insist that the discussion is only around the word and NO talk about ‘the footy’ or my ‘plans for the weekend’ seems crazy. What about our humanity? It’s always humanity that BCF and MCF are trying to eliminate.

Not to mention the loss of a solemn moment of corporate but personal reflection and remembrance as Scripture indicates.

Vic’s turning communion into a remembrance of his ‘present word’ teachings. Not Christ’s sacrifice!

But there’s a bigger picture here.

Vic Hall has been coming up with new panaceas for 27 years now!

Every word we heard was always: this is it! This will rejuvenate us and bring us closer to an ‘administration of the fullness of times’.

But, no, every push of Vic Hall has always fizzled out.

We have done the most stupid things in the name of Vic Hall and given them all away as wrong or distractions or plain silly:

  • Tried to pigeon-hole what sort of ‘house’ we are
  • Tried to decide which vows and offerings we are doing in line with the 5 Levitical Offerings
  • Trusted we were feeding from two God-given Zechariah bowls of revelation (!)
  • Not steward our ministries (just obey your admin leaders!)
  • Trusted that elders should tell us what to do in our daily lives
  • Re-negotiate our marriages
  • Start local outreaches
  • Stop local outreaches
  • Tell our wives what to do
  • Stop telling our wives what to do
  • Tell our kids what to do
  • Stop telling our kids what to do
  • Start cafes
  • Stop cafes
  • And now re-think communion

Everything is brought in as a panacea except the gospel message of . . Jesus.

There’s nothing wrong with trying things.

But when the source of everything is one man and it’s uncritically accepted. And everyone else is always wrong.

That’s when it’s a cult.

Vic Hall’s ‘Gospel of Sonship’ is heretical fan fiction

Fan fiction is of course similar stories written by fans usually continuing famous stories from beloved books and TV like Little Women or Star Trek.

Well, back around 2017 I read the Book of Mormon to help my understanding of that cult.

I hadn’t expected the level of similarity to the New Testament that it represents. The Book of Mormon is SHOCKINGLY similar to the New Testament. Stories of supposed apostles wandering around the Americas between 2200BC and 450AD preaching Christ. All written in the 19th century mind you.

So similar that I and my family all laughed that it was like fan fiction almost copied straight from the Book of Acts.

Then it struck me. That’s what Vic Hall is. He’s a fan fiction author.

Vic’s teachings read like fan fiction.

They sound like they could have been said by Jesus or the apostles.

They are almost consistent with the Bible.

But they aren’t. And we’re never said or implied by Jesus or the apostles.

There’s just no passages of Scripture commissioning an emphasis on meeting with elders to ‘open up your life’ for systematic input and control. And there’s no history of that activity directly or implied in the book of Acts or in the epistles in the way the early church lived and gathered.

Vic is a fan fiction author.

But it’s dangerous heresy he’s peddling. Locking down thousands of people’s lives to nothingness for almost 30 years now. Because at MCF/BCF you can’t do anything without endless sessions with the elders.

As soon as anyone mentions a plan in casual conversation at those churches the ears prick up.

‘Oh, I’ve worked it through with the elders’, is the defensive reply. How ridiculous to need to post-face a comment like that. That’s about plans in your own life, career, travel, hobbies and business.

If it was ministry? Ha! (Insert endless near-insane laughter). Nobody talks about ministry plans at MCF/BCF for 30 years now! It does not exist by definition because you need to be discovered by elders. You can’t have ideas yourself. That would be evil self-naming and idolatry.

Think about it MCF & BCF congregants.

Nobody at your churches does anything ministry-wise other than go to church! Or do some task outlined by elders. That means ministry is vastly limited. At other churches people actively create and support para-ministries which are incredibly fruitful.

Just think of how at BCF & MCF we’ve instead just been navel gazing for 30 years now.

And we’re all getting older and slowing down and dying. With nothing but pointless servitude as a legacy. At other churches so many are so energetic. We’re at least trying! So many young people becoming pastors and missionaries and youth leaders.

At MCF & BCF it’s only about indoctrination. You think about it. The youth are like young communist true believers without their own thinking at all. Us oldies sometimes get so pleased at the pretty good youth retention rate at MCF & BCF.

But at what cost?

Liberty. God-given humanity. Truth.

That means it’s not real.