The Cult of Double Presumption

MCF and BCF kind of operated in the sin of ‘double presumption’.

By that I mean that their theology based on 2 Cor 4 about ‘elders having sight’ was (1) theologically presumptuous and then the individual elders literally (2) pastorally presumed that what came into their heads when they counselled was so ‘right’ that they could pronounce it as the edicts of God.

This ‘double presumption’ is some of the most audacious misuse of religion and Scripture in all of the history of modern restoration theology.

When I think that for 25 years I obeyed judgmental idiotic edicts about EVERY aspect of my life, career, hobbies, residence, travel plans and business plans I want to throw up.

To think these looney elders were sprouting this presumptuous crap and didn’t themselves realise the whole theology was crazy.

To us, we assumed they were praying about every edict snd knew they were somehow right like a prophecy. But in fact they were just rambling off the top of their heads.

I knew they were technically wrong about most of their idiotic edicts about my career and inventions and business plans.

But they also taught us that elders can make mistakes and we must obey anyway otherwise we would go to hell.

This is the life I lived for more than 20 years from 1995-2016.

I destroyed my own life by trusting these lunatics who knew exactly what they were doing as we plebs obeyed them like slaves.

And most MCF people will not acknowledge it and instead beg us to come back!

It is shocking the way we lived.

It saddens us enormously that they will not believe us.

Most people now remaining at MCF are confident and talented successful musical or ministry types or elders kids who were treated well by the elders (or are normal people who have little or no initiative or plans or thoughts of ministry).

Any way you look at it, it’s sickening.

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