I’m sorry MCF

For what it’s worth, I’m sorry MCF & my friends and fellow-worshippers at MCF, for my explosive response to my discovery that, IMO, MCF had essentially been a fraud for 30 years plus more.

When I realised I had been submitting for 20-30 years to

1. An outrageous non-Biblical doctrine of Vic Hall’s creation

2. That my elders had been amongst the craziest in the country

3. That nobody else in my home group or congregation or the MCF leadership would acknowledge this (other than partial, non-restitutional and unaccountable apologies from the perpetrators or Richie, Ray & Keith)

4. That the elders had known from 3 respected men since the 1960s/1970s about Ray Snrs immoral activities

I let my anger be known.

My anger wasn’t initially sin. Neither was my emotion. After all, that leadership had destroyed 20+ years of my life in every facet, leaving me a shell of myself.

But I stupidly wrote emails to 30 (strong) congregation members telling them about it all. And expected them/you all to come to my same realisation instantly.

And then I got even angrier and swore in lots of emails.

I’m sorry for all that.

But I’m not sorry you saw some of the emotion of my realising I had been duped for 20+ years.

That was real and valid.

And it’s been 5 years now!

I still want to hear from anyone that is prepared to admit that the control, non-Biblical teachings, Vic Hall worship, unaccountable retractions, loveless counselling, shunning, codes of silence, partialities and coverups were all wrong.


I need some tiny hints of validation in THIS lifetime. It can’t all be swept under the carpet and left for the next life.

Your happy little isolated bubble is a big coverup of horrific proportions MCF.

Otherwise what YOU are all doing to me constitutes psychological torture. It does. The pretending it was all ‘my lot’.

Yes you MCF.

One thought on “I’m sorry MCF

  1. The saddest part is, unless you tell them they are right and go back (suffer what they decide) they won’t respond or talk or hear.

    Sadly it still today in 2021 is still a cult.


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