The code of silence is why I blog on MCF/BCF

Thanks for all your well-wishes everyone. And even those who just want me to shut up! I blog here because I lived under a code of silence for 25 years. That’s kind of my whole adult life. I’m not doing that again! It was horrific, depressing, sole-destroying , unbiblical and unnecessary. At MCF we couldn’tContinue reading “The code of silence is why I blog on MCF/BCF”

I became a believer in Pentecostalism & Restorationism because the evidence was overwhelming

I did not switch from Lutheranism to Pentecostalism and Restorationism lightly or due to emotion. Everything I saw or heard in testimony or preaching beautifully fit with Scripture and actually caused Scripture to dovetail within itself incredibly intricately and beautifully. And what it generated in our hearts and lives just added to this. It wasContinue reading “I became a believer in Pentecostalism & Restorationism because the evidence was overwhelming”

The Cult of Double Presumption

MCF and BCF kind of operated in the sin of ‘double presumption’. By that I mean that their theology based on 2 Cor 4 about ‘elders having sight’ was (1) theologically presumptuous and then the individual elders literally (2) pastorally presumed that what came into their heads when they counselled was so ‘right’ that theyContinue reading “The Cult of Double Presumption”

The top 4 Vic Hall Scriptures are totally ambiguous

Yesterday I stated that there is no evidence Scripturally or in fruit or witness that Vic Hall is right. Well, let’s look at the New Testament again. The Scriptures Vic uses quite simply mean nothing like what Vic says they mean. 2 Cor 4:5,6 For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ asContinue reading “The top 4 Vic Hall Scriptures are totally ambiguous”

No evidence Vic Hall’s edicts are even vaguely right

You know, the teachings of Vic Hall not only have no basis in Scripture but there’s no evidence of fruit or authority or witness and the ‘messenger word’ has been clearly very damaging and even been reversed by MCF & BCF on multiple occasions. If you have the slightest doubt, I would suggest reading yourContinue reading “No evidence Vic Hall’s edicts are even vaguely right”

MCF conditioning keeps you trapped for decades

Many have warned us that cults like MCF and BCF keep you thinking the wrong way for decades. And that’s even appreciating God’s miraculous healing interventions because healing is often still a process, a walk. I was skeptical because my realization I had been wrong about MCF came as a sudden epiphany (despite never agreeingContinue reading “MCF conditioning keeps you trapped for decades”

MCF & BCF are imprisoning people

I beg you all at MCF and BCF to ask yourselves why you are submitting to restrictions on your lives and careers and ministries that are so destructive. You are submitting your children and spouses to this unbiblical lifestyle. Study the Scriptures. Where is the Biblical evidence for letting elders TREAT YOU LIKE CHILDREN! There’sContinue reading “MCF & BCF are imprisoning people”

What’s wrong with BCF (and its new decree re communion/’the agape meal’)?

For those not in the know, BCF & MCF are an initially potentially really solid Christian move that’s gone ultra-insular and ultra-controlling. And ultimately cult. But what is it exactly that’s bad? Well, it’s several things. Primarily, BCF and MCF have got to the point that they trust the direction of a single leader, VicContinue reading “What’s wrong with BCF (and its new decree re communion/’the agape meal’)?”

Vic Hall’s ‘Gospel of Sonship’ is heretical fan fiction

Fan fiction is of course similar stories written by fans usually continuing famous stories from beloved books and TV like Little Women or Star Trek. Well, back around 2017 I read the Book of Mormon to help my understanding of that cult. I hadn’t expected the level of similarity to the New Testament that itContinue reading “Vic Hall’s ‘Gospel of Sonship’ is heretical fan fiction”