What do I mean about a ‘Satanic-level of inactivity’?

I claim there’s a Satanic-level of inactivity going on at MCF/BCF. What I’m alluding to is the fact that no one there has any plans. Seriously. Yes, they find activities that are kosher. Like endless sport and holidays. But starting a business or stewarding a ministry is like living in a communist country. At ourContinue reading “What do I mean about a ‘Satanic-level of inactivity’?”

How hurtful was it?

Some of you must be thinking how silly this all is. Well, it isn’t. We were taught, at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship), gradually, like lobsters boiling alive, that we had to give up all prerogatives. Anything that could be an idol. Of course we all immediately assumed it was the very thing we loved. SessionContinue reading “How hurtful was it?”

Why am I blogging this?

As I mentioned in an answer to PW’s comment, I feel a need to NOT have this just ‘forgotten and swept under the carpet’. I have indeed lost the best 25 years of my life. I can never be young again. Yes I have a family and am now happy in a new church. ButContinue reading “Why am I blogging this?”


Fortunately, recovery comes . . in the morning. Well, not literally the morning. And it comes in stages. Actually, the day I left in September 2016 I felt an enormous weight lifted off. The feeling of being free was immense and drinkable. God was no longer a monster. And every and any plan was nowContinue reading “Restoration”

What the sessions looked like

The reasons for their cultish behavior when I asked in 2016 include the full spectrum: As a man, you were expected to ‘open your life’ up to the local elder and his apprentices about once every 3 or 4 weeks. While some elders were sensible and had a fireside chat, many other elders, including mine,Continue reading “What the sessions looked like”

At least 25 families destroyed

It wasn’t just us. It is true that my local elders, Laurie Holland and David Bonham, and their apprentices, Steve Anderson and Steve Holland, were among the harshest (or most robotically obedient to Vic Hall’s crazed teachings) in the entire franchise. But we know of 25 other families affected significantly. Probably scores more across theContinue reading “At least 25 families destroyed”

We lived a life of non-stop judgment

Scripture tells us not to judge each other (Matt 7:1, Rom 14:3, I Cor 4:3). But at MCF we lived a life of being judged about everything. There was no grey. There was no letting us find out ourselves through prayer and circumstance. We were told. Scripture tells us not to concern ourselves – orContinue reading “We lived a life of non-stop judgment”

Charles’ 2012 vision of MCF leadership

Unbeknownst to me (until 2018), my Dad, Charles, a well-respected ex-MCFer of 45 years membership, had a vision of the MCF eldership (& other church leadership that is not listening to the Lord’s voice). And he told the MCF presbytery about it (they did nothing). He had been their biggest fan. But the Lord showedContinue reading “Charles’ 2012 vision of MCF leadership”

MCF’s ‘messaging’ was never tested

We were taught non-stop for 20 or 25 years that we hear usually through messengers, usually our local elder. And that they have supernatural ‘sight’ for our lives. The key thing is that MCF’s ‘messenger word’ was NEVER, EVER tested or suggested that it should be. That goes back to the duty of care issue.Continue reading “MCF’s ‘messaging’ was never tested”

MCF is a church of utter waste of human life

After 35 years at MCF, after so much promise of good, the place we gave ourselves to turned out to be a church of waste. A waste of humanity. We literally watched our lives wasting away. I remember at age 35 looking out from the decking thinking, if they are doing this to me inContinue reading “MCF is a church of utter waste of human life”