Charles’ 2012 vision of MCF leadership

Unbeknownst to me (until 2018), my Dad, Charles, a well-respected ex-MCFer of 45 years membership, had a vision of the MCF eldership (& other church leadership that is not listening to the Lord’s voice). And he told the MCF presbytery about it (they did nothing).

He had been their biggest fan.

But the Lord showed Dad in 2012 that the leadership were on a pathway into a dark abyss, CHAINED to each other and CHAINED to coal-carts heading down into the abyss (just like in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom). With long flowing robes and hair, indicating previous anointing, and with INVERTED gold crowns thrust down over their heads onto their shoulders like millstones.

It’s their unwavering faith in Vic Hall and each others’ masterful use of the in-house lingo and books that neutralizes their faith in the grassroots congregation and the Bible and the Lord Himself. We in the congregation are almost always wrong about everything. The spirit of Antichrist is strong in that place.

I beg you all at MCF to come out of that place.

And beg your leaders to repent for the sake of their souls.

Here’s my Dad’s drawing:

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