This blog is an ongoing, heartfelt letter to MCF, Melbourne Christian Fellowship, a significant church move that, IMO, after wonderful beginnings, became, and still is, a dangerous and abusive cult from about 1992 onward.

As of November 2019 we get about 100 hits a day, mostly from places with XCF churches and the USA.


Melbourne-based MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship, previously, Immanuel) taught wonderfully about the Body of Christ, multiple eldership, Priesthood of All Believers, spirit-filled living and church unity and unfolded Biblical truths in unprecedented clarity since the 1950s.

Under Vic Hall from BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship), in 1992, MCF and BCF got turned into a full on cult, controlling everyone with Vic’s ‘messenger word‘ whereby you were forced, under threat of going to hell, to give up anything deemed by your local elder – who could be a nutcase – to be an ‘idol’.

Hundreds of lIves were destroyed by stupid, fluffy obey-or-go-to-hell deep and meaningfuls from ‘sessions‘ with your local leader and his ‘yes men’ apprentices.

Partiality became an art form.

The coverups.



MCF has locked up everyone to do nothing. Zero initiative allowed.

It’s full on Satanic.

It’s all based on extremist thinking about ‘dead works’. They teach if you do ‘self-named’ works you are going to hell. So you have to run everything past an elder.

MCF has replaced Christ with elders. It’s Satanic.

From such awesome beginnings.


Paul Kovaks is an ex-MCFer, who was committed as deep as it gets and still believes all the original, sensible, restorationist Biblical teachings.

Kovaks is a pseudonym, to protect my current livelihood & family etc because my name is globally unique.

Everyone at MCF knows who I am. Son of Charles & Milena. We miss and love you all. But your leaders are deceived, egotistical, wolfish, delinquent and horrifically unaccountable and unrepentant.


MCF/Immanuel teaches beautifully clear & undeniable Biblical teachings about the Lord, unity, the gospel and spreading the word.


Two MCF top leaders fell from grace & for a few moments we thought: thank goodness for multiple eldership!


Vic Hall (BCF) took over MCF and created a Satanic, self-serving ‘messenger’ teaching which has locked up families for decades in cult-like control.