Could Vic Hall’s visitations of Christ be true?

I would like, in good faith, (and essentially as a hypothetical) to take Vic Hall at his word, and if he says he has had visitations of Christ, I’d like to believe him, with only a few caveats: was it really Christ or someone else? And does Vic tell us everything said during the visitation?Continue reading “Could Vic Hall’s visitations of Christ be true?”

Charles’ 2nd Vision

In 2012, my Dad, Charles had an unexpected vision of the deception the elders were under. But this week, in October 2019, after I told him about my (this) blog, he had a 2nd relevant vision that night, for the first time since 2012. In his vision this week he saw himself in a stadium,Continue reading “Charles’ 2nd Vision”

Charles’ 2012 vision of MCF leadership

Unbeknownst to me (until 2018), my Dad, Charles, a well-respected ex-MCFer of 45 years membership, had a vision of the MCF eldership (& other church leadership that is not listening to the Lord’s voice). And he told the MCF presbytery about it (they did nothing). He had been their biggest fan. But the Lord showedContinue reading “Charles’ 2012 vision of MCF leadership”