Brisbane Christian Fellowship: Motivations

I’ve been posting about Brisbane Christian Fellowship’s (BCF) theology, claimed infallibility, abuses, retractions, warning signs and contradictions. And all along I’ve been asking why we should have been expecting ‘new words’ and revelations and infallible directions from Vic Hall and BCF – given its origin in the failed MCF? The reasonable explanation is of course:Continue reading “Brisbane Christian Fellowship: Motivations”

Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF): The Elephant in the Room

The foundational spanner in the works at BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) is the presbytery’s and congregation’s assumption that their leader, Vic Hall, is not just basically sound but so in-tune with God that he has visitations of Christ AND that after those visitations he can conjure up new teachings that are God’s revelatory plan forContinue reading “Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF): The Elephant in the Room”

So why do I not blame myself?

I occasionally get asked this. Well, I sort-of grew up in MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship). My Dad got sucked in when I was 10 years old. And, although I didn’t start going regularly until I was 17, I had become a firm believer in its Bible-based reformationist teachings because of Dad and the books heContinue reading “So why do I not blame myself?”

What is MCF/BCF, in essence?

MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship), the founding church of the XCF group, including BCF (Brisbane CF) which, has become more prominent under Vic Hall. What is this abusive beast? It’s a church built by an extremely flawed individual, Ray Jackson Snr, who, at some point, had a grace and calling to facilitate a Scriptural restorationist word,Continue reading “What is MCF/BCF, in essence?”

Could Vic Hall’s visitations of Christ be true?

I would like, in good faith, (and essentially as a hypothetical) to take Vic Hall at his word, and if he says he has had visitations of Christ, I’d like to believe him, with only a few caveats: was it really Christ or someone else? And does Vic tell us everything said during the visitation?Continue reading “Could Vic Hall’s visitations of Christ be true?”

What is it really that MCF has done?

What is MCF? A move of God gone bad? Probably. For four reasons: Jeff Hammond’s thesis backs up the original promise of MCF/Immanuel’s restorationist teachings Both of my Dad Charles’ visions (2012 & 2019) hint at something really good initially. My personal study of the Scriptures as a techy PhD guy backs up the originalContinue reading “What is it really that MCF has done?”

To the Christian community: Warning about MCF/BCF

Hello all! I’m writing primarily to Australia’s and South East Asia’s Christian community to properly warn you about the status of the cult-like church run by Victor Hall and Ray Jackson Jnr, called ‘X Christian Fellowship‘ where X = Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and many smaller branches. There are also branches in Malaysia, Indonesia andContinue reading “To the Christian community: Warning about MCF/BCF”

Miracles after we left MCF

After we left MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) in 2016, there were a few rapid minor miracles that occurred: MIRACLE 1. The day after Justine decided to join me in my departure of MCF I pinged Jeff & Annette Hammond on Facebook: Help! We’ve left MCF and need to talk! My Facebook PM to Annette Hammond,Continue reading “Miracles after we left MCF”

The timeline of MCF’s destruction of my life (Part III)

Following on from my first three years at MCF, where I experienced both the good and bad of the move, we then experienced the Big Bang of 1988 (here’s my earlier account). This was the discovery that two senior leaders of MCF, including the founder Ray Jackson Snr, were found to be in immorality, oneContinue reading “The timeline of MCF’s destruction of my life (Part III)”

The timeline of MCF’s destruction & mean-spirited waste of my life (Part I)

Background MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship), for me, started out as a breath of fresh air. I hadn’t heard about the pre-1992 cultish behaviors. And of course, had no idea what was going to hit us post-1992. I actually loved the Lutheran Church I attended, and Its congregation. But there was absolutely no doubt that thatContinue reading “The timeline of MCF’s destruction & mean-spirited waste of my life (Part I)”