What is MCF/BCF, in essence?

MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship), the founding church of the XCF group, including BCF (Brisbane CF) which, has become more prominent under Vic Hall.

What is this abusive beast?

It’s a church built by an extremely flawed individual, Ray Jackson Snr, who, at some point, had a grace and calling to facilitate a Scriptural restorationist word, but fell horrendously out of a lust for controlling power and sex.

But in their lust for power, Jackson, and their followers, fell for the promise of becoming the leaders of the global restored church. Ushering in a move that could bless the Church is one thing. Hoping to be its leaders is something else.

So it’s an extreme lust for power and a lack of humility. Over-reaching.

Vic Hall of BCF is no different in his lust for power. Just a different manifestation of the same thing.

So what has MCF and BCF become?

They’e become a move of God that actually never initially intended to become a church.

And it shows.

They have no care for the flock.


At the top, their only true care is to retain power. Any semblance of care from the top is illusionary.

They look like they care but only in so far as ones follow THEIR precise word. If someone wants to leave then the yget damned! That shows the true lack of care and love.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

Matt 7:16

So their lack of care and lust for power means:

  • Complete misunderstanding of reality
  • No care for the humanity of the individual
  • No care for the ministry and development of the individual
  • No study of the general Word of God
  • No discernment of the needs of the congregation
  • Threats of hell fire if their word is not followed 100%
  • Forcing of prophecy to be on their warped ‘present word
  • Manipulation and misuse of members
  • Gagging of members
  • Waste of members
  • Shunning of ex-members

At the top, MCF and BCF is a Satanic, loveless religious movement.

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