I am genuinely shocked that our friends at MCF sided with the elders

Maybe I just think too highly of myself or something. Or of my wife.

But I thought people at MCF knew we were

  • genuine
  • honest
  • Bible-based
  • obedient
  • pious living
  • hard working
  • committed to the Lord
  • committed to the leadership (to that point)
  • beyond partiality & lies & all of that

So I was shocked that our friends sided with the elders when we told them our story of 25 years of manipulative psychological abuse leading to financial, psychological and spiritual damage:

  • disgusting, demeaning psychological and spiritual abuse and manipulation during monthly ‘sessions’ (always under threat of loss of eternal salvation)
  • banning from doing an overseas internship
  • destruction of multiple specific careers in academia & industry
  • forced stay in a job I hated for FIVE (5) years
  • banning from multiple business opportunities
  • delay of commercialization of my software for SEVEN (7) years
  • made complete mockery of my choice of vocation, my entire life and my reputation in the community
  • banning from any significant ministry
  • destruction of my employability
  • loss of our house
  • banning of all my plans and joys (which were declared idols & trophies)
  • almost 25 years of suffering thinking I had been sinning because I simply wanted to switch from science to tech startups
  • thinking I was in danger of loss of salvation over my plans

I got nutty respones like:

  • Maybe you needed that humbling?
    • But I told you:
      • Vic Hall, Bob Stevens & Richie Kaa say the elders went way beyond their mandate!
      • Gary Worth is delinquent, all he says is ‘there’s nothing he can do unless it’s sex abuse’
      • Yet Richie Kaa Jnr counselled the perpetrators and told them off & was hugely disappointed in them!
        • But he refused to deal with Laurie Holland, our ‘elder statesman’ elder
        • And Laurie Holland refused to reply to my emails
      • Vic Hall told them all to apologise and pay restitution
        • But the presbytery didn’t follow up on it!
  • Maybe you STILL needed that humbling?
    • You’re changing the subject. The issue is that in their preaching and actions they are lording over, slapping us in the face & taking advantage of this community like the super-apostles of 2 Cor 14
  • But your house cost 10% more than mine
    • We’ve got 4 kids & for two professionals it should have been no problem at all
  • Of course the elders aren’t perfect, but we just obey the elders and trust the Lord
    • But 2 Cor 11 says not to accept leadership that lords over!
  • It’s not our accountability
    • Where’s it say that in Scripture?
  • Let the elders solve it
    • Where’s it say that in Scripture?
  • No, I wont come with you to the elders
    • Not one person came with me, despite Scripture saying to take a witness!
  • You have to forgive
    • I have, but Vic Hall still told them to pay restitution. The elders destroyed my career!
  • It’s only like that at your homegroup
    • But what about this list of dozens of families destroyed!
  • I don’t believe you
    • But the perpetrators admit most of it!

Every response EXCEPT:

  • Yes, it is disgusting & we need to go right now and do something about it

When will you stand for the truth men & women of MCF? You all ignored our story despite evidence. Nobody else who left ever told me what had happened – even when I asked, or gave me evidence like this. But I gave you the evidence! And you could have asked Justine. You chose to treat us like doormats, just like the elders have for 25 years all over again!.

So . . what?

  • Justine and I are liars & disobedient & over-reactors?
    • Really? I was reduced to persona non-grata by them. Unable to get a proper job for 15 years. Held back from my God-given talents for 25 years. Simply not allowed to do things I loved doing. Justine was banned from running craft nights or family fun nights. We begged to be involved in teaching and were knocked back every time.
  • No! It was all based on elders & presbytery theories. And at threat of loss of salvation. Can’t you see how sick & stupid this judgemental ‘messenger word’ is?
  • Or that sort of abusive behaviour by the elders is OK?
  • Or that sort of lack of care over 25 years by the presbytery is OK?
  • Or that sort of cover-up by the presbytery is OK?


  • Keith Tucker
  • Richie Kaa
  • Russell Baird
  • Mal Terlich

But watch out, even these men have partly betrayed me OR have chosen to live amongst and serve unaccountable liars OR both.

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