Could Vic Hall’s visitations of Christ be true?

I would like, in good faith, (and essentially as a hypothetical) to take Vic Hall at his word, and if he says he has had visitations of Christ, I’d like to believe him, with only a few caveats: was it really Christ or someone else? And does Vic tell us everything said during the visitation?

This is timely, because, thanks to Boundary Rider on StreetCar, we have Vic’s latest accounts of his visitations of Christ.

What I want to do is see if they are consistent with what Vic Hall preached and, what we are saying here about MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)/BCF and what we know about Vic Hall’s calling and tendencies.

Here’s Vic’s twin visititions, supposedly, by Christ:

1975: He said, ‘I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place – unless you repent.’ Rev 2:4-5.

2007: (The Lord) gave me the option to die. However, at the same time, He asked if I would continue to serve another generation. I took up the second direction because the unction of the Spirit was urging me this way. He said that He was displeased with how I had functioned among the presbytery. Under my oversight, men had crept in unawares and had devoured the resources that belonged to His little ones.

Firstly it should be said that Vic, in his testimony reported by Boundary Rider, reads a lot between the lines, for both visitations. That he allowed collegiality, multiple tiers of leadership and other minor problems in, for example. All side-stepping the real issues of wayward teachings and a lack of love.

And, secondly, and more importantly, nowhere does Vic apologize for the ‘devouring of the little ones’ that Christ supposedly accuses him of.

If this were all really true, Christ would have criticized his theology of guru headship. In the account, He does not appear to, unless he Lord’s threat of death was due to this wayward and self-serving teaching (he had pancreatic cancer at that point). Maybe all we are getting is Vic’s reading between the lines, and maybe – if it was true – Christ did criticize his guru headship stuff more directly than the comment about the ‘devouring of the little ones’?

But given the fruit of destruction by this move under Vic Hall, I simply can not accept that my God has chosen Vic Hall and THEN ALSO stood by him as late as 2007.

I can accept that, if this was Christ, it’s quite true – in our experience – that Vic & Jackson Snr and MCF/BCF ‘had lost their first love’.

But by 2007, the horrific guru headship practice was in full destructive force for at least 12 years.

However, the interesting point about letting men creep in who had devoured the resources of the little ones EXACTLY describes what happened to me.

There are two more ‘buts’:

  1. We know that Vic Hall and his BCF presbytery were horrifically harsh themselves. Not just ones that ‘crept in’. Look at what Vic himself did to a young leader in Malaysia, destroying his ministry and dividing his family.
  2. The implication that Vic Hall really is God’s chosen leader is hard to accept. Everything we’ve heard is of an egotistical, ambitious, cruel and love-less man with a strong religious spirit. And his actions and fruit support that.

So, although, there is a truth in the supposed words of Christ as to Vic’s failings, especially allowing ones to ‘take resources from the little ones’, this was all due to Vic’s careless, self-serving and non-Biblical teachings and so we can only assume that these visitations are: untrue, or not properly reported or from a demonic source.

A religious spirit explains absolutely everything. We all wanted to hear directly from Christ! We all wanted revelations! But in Vic Hall’s case, he craved them, he sought them and went on and bragged about them. And probably manufactured these teachings, possibly with demonic help.

The irony is that Vic gagged us ‘little ones’ for 25 years from having even the slightest input, let alone ‘revelations’ and ‘visitations’. This is a Satanic move of God now responsible for the waste of thousands pf people’s lives.

Vic, your own father was a messenger to you. He told you before he died that you were in heresy with your messenger nonsense. When you ignore messengers, of that sort, you will become deceived, even initiating the visitation of false messengers that you ‘want’ to hear from.

Vic, look at how each of your visitations puts YOU on a pedestal!

I suspect the visitations are demonic, and occurred because of Vic Hall’s egotistical and religious spirit.

I declare this myth, that Vic Hall had visitations of Christ, as least as described, and certainly the one in 2007: BUSTED.

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6 thoughts on “Could Vic Hall’s visitations of Christ be true?

  1. If you read Paul’s admonishments to the Galatians, Peter’s chapters on false teachers, 2 John 3 (Ithink) where John tells us not to even greet false teachers because if we do we share in their wickedness, then I think you can get a clear vision of what God thinks of Vic Hall. Sorry, but I think you are giving him way too much leeway. We who are out need to recognise that Vic Hall’s behaviour is that which Christ himself rejected, he is one who has caused little ones to stumble. What did Jesus advise that person to do? Throw himself into the sea. God did not visit Vic Hall, Vic is a sociopath, an inveterate liar, a man without conscience and a man who has no compassion and no soul. He loves watching others suffer. This is not about theology, as much as the theological issue is important, it is about a man whose mental and moral character are so damaged as to warrant criminal charges. People have tried and succeeded in killing themselves because of his deranged hostilities. He should be locked up. God in his infinite mercy has given Vic time to repent, but he will not, not after hundreds of people have appealed to Vic for mercy. A man without mercy is given no mercy.

    Someone once told me they thought Vic would get into heaven by the skin of his teeth. They were deluded. Unless Vic Hall repents, he is going to hell, and I have scripture as my authority. False teachers are twice cursed, destined for the blackness of darkness forever, and are given absolutely no get out of jail free cards, not even a suggestion that we should pray for them, forgive them, etc. If they have not repented after decades of suffering ‘little ones’ have appealed to them time and again, they have no hearts.

    PS. There is a story recorded in history that one of the Apostle John’s disciples, Polycarp (I think) told, that John was once in a bath house when somebody told him a well known false teacher had just entered. John apparently got out as fast as he could, because as he told his disciple, he was afraid that the roof would fall in on the person in God’s judgement. I think that just about sums up what our attitude should be towards men like Vic Hall.

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    1. Spot on, ellagamberi! its so good when someone writes what i was thinking. I first met Vic in 1973 and thought he was an arrogant narcissistic control freak then. Nothing he has done in the years since has caused me to revise that assessment of him – except to add heretical megalomaniac to the list. I’m with John … run, run, run away as fast as you can.

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    2. Well, it looks like you both, not surprisingly, have more evidence than I.

      Unfortunately – for VIc – what you have to say is entirely consistent with my assessment, formed, as it is, primarily on circumstantial evidence, testimonies of friends and his theology.

      It’s all lining up against you Vic. Time to repent, please, because I do sense some good in you. I hope that’s not just the softie in me.


  2. I was in BCF for a good many years, and many of my friends are still in there.

    Paul, when a little 7 year old child is hiding in a cupboard ‘thinking of ways to die’ after Vic Hall and his cronies have destroyed his parents marriage on the flimsy and utterly predictable pretext that his mother ‘was a bad influence’, at some point you realise there are no more fair go’s.. It takes a few years to unwind the ball of spiders web that is the deception you have been under, but one day you will understand the depth of depravity that is at work here. Vic is enjoying the pain he causes. He feeds off it. It was people’s willingness to believe the elders were ‘men of God’ that made them victims to the abuse. We truly thought they believed they were doing everything for our benefit.

    If we, as born again believers, accept that it is our wickedness that put Jesus Christ, the spotless lamb of God on the cross, then how can we believe in goodness in any man unless that goodness be of Christ? I see nothing of Christ in Vic Hall.

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    1. Fair enough. I accept that there appears to be no wriggle room for Vic, according to your experience. (Note, I did come down on the side of ‘busting’ his claims).

      Any more witnesses?


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