What is it really that MCF has done?

What is MCF?

A move of God gone bad? Probably. For four reasons:

  1. Jeff Hammond’s thesis backs up the original promise of MCF/Immanuel’s restorationist teachings
  2. Both of my Dad Charles’ visions (2012 & 2019) hint at something really good initially.
  3. My personal study of the Scriptures as a techy PhD guy backs up the original promise and the deviation by Vic Hall after 1992
  4. There is a lot of evidence that the founder, Ray Jackson Snr, had a miraculous healing ministry in the 1940s and 1950s.

That begs the questions:

Q1. What went wrong?
Q2. And what did they end up doing?

What went wrong?

I’m not going to waste too much time on that because it’s very clear to most of us who left or who have read Kevin Conner’s biography.

It was the usual power corrupts story but with a twist. The power got to their heads: Ray Jackson Snr and others around him. But in this case I believe the stories that there was initially an annointing or at the very least, a genuine healing ministry.

Now, when you combine that with the restorationist word being preached. Not just about the Body of Christ and multiple eldership (concepts that are very inclusive) but also regarding so-called five-fold ministry roles.

The latter topics, including last-day apostleship, are anything but inclusive. These are, in the wrong hands, dangerous topics and clearly was a preoccupation of, at least, the congregation, and must have been for the leaders.

Was Jackson Snr a last day apostle? Why not? we sometimes thought.

Well, with those sort of wonderings, these leaders under him began to suppose they could be next in the ladder.

That was the beginning of the end. The higher up the nuttier from then on.

But mixed in were elders like Kevin Conner, Tony Lyon, Bob Holland, Jeff Hammond and Phil Baird who focused on the inclusive teachings on the Body of Christ.

And they weren’t swayed when either Ray Jackson Snr or Vic Hall fell.

Because their eyes were on the Lord.

Not on a position in a system.

What did MCF end up doing all those years?

Well, their modus operandi, in my experience of 35 years (plus 3 years investigating the claims of elders who left like Kevin Conner, Tony Lyon and Jeff Hammond who were ultimately vindicated in their very strong suspicions of one or both of Ray Jackson Snr and Vic Hall) was:

  1. The evidence is that the remaining eldership were too scared of their positions to challenge the fallen leadership or leave. After the first fall they fell right in for another one.
  2. They put up with the idea of accepting non-Biblical, untested and dangerous teachings and forgiving disgusting abuses
  3. They played wasteful and dishonest games with the congregation, making promises that never came true and rarely seeing Christ in us
  4. They just assumed they had this spiritual ‘sight’ and presumed and proclaimed away
  5. And instead of building up the Body of Christ, they puffed themselves up, and banned us from ministry thus moving 100% away from a Priesthood of All Believers, as originally promised, and towards an almost Catholic model
  6. They never considered what it meant for us for decades and decades of our lives! Going around in circles while we nearly worshipped . . them and their word!

All along we just kept trusting them.

I would have been (and would be) shaking in my boots if I was Ray Jackson Jnr or Gary Worth or Bob Stevens or David Bonham or Richard Kaa or Richie Kaa Jnr not to mention Vic Hall or Murray Wylie! Because of the lack of Scriptural support for their one-tracked, disgustingly abusive, wasteful and disrespectful teachings.

There was zero fruit and huge harm.

So, eventually, many of us left to join Christendom in freedom.

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