At least 25 families destroyed

It wasn’t just us.

It is true that my local elders, Laurie Holland and David Bonham, and their apprentices, Steve Anderson and Steve Holland, were among the harshest (or most robotically obedient to Vic Hall’s crazed teachings) in the entire franchise.

But we know of 25 other families affected significantly. Probably scores more across the nation.

Destroyed hopes and dreams and relationships.

Lost children for stupid, stupid reasons. A man sold his newly bought water sports equipment and boat because it was declared ‘an idol’. And they lost their son forever.

Banned from marriage. Declared ‘un-marriageable’. Older couples not allowed to marry. Disadvantaged couples not allowed to marry.

Women divorced by elders for not 100% obeying BCF teachings! Where’s it say you can do that? Why would anybody want to do that to your wife?

People banned from entire careers. Declared not a businessman. As if all businessmen come in one mold.

Elderly people told they were UNWORTHY because they were singing in old age homes!

Disabled people told to hand over their compensation payments to the church.

Fathers turned against their sons. Sons turned against their fathers.

Preacher’s kids banned from talking to their young relatives. Grandparents banned from talking to their grandchildren.

Men’s career dreams shattered. Multiple opportunities sacrificed to test ‘imputation’ or ability to lay down desires. I was told I needed to learn to ‘impute’. That is, make something possible impossible so God can make it possible again. It was never discussed that I simply really wanted to do it and it had nothing to do wiht my loving God or not.

Destroyed finances as a result.

Unemployability as a result.

Lost house as a result. Frayed nerves, loss of confidence, dysfunctional living as a result.

Nothing, in the natural to look forward to.

Only thing left is the next life and prayer. (Fortunately God does restore. But not instantly).

All for Vic Hall’s ego.

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