What’s been the response to the blog?

Well, after writing a 10 minute missive each day since mid-September this year, the blog gets about 100 hits a day now and sometimes gets on the first Google search page of hits (for ‘Melbourne Christian Fellowship’).

Comments are far and few between because many who have been involved in the move understandably need to protect relationships with family and friends still in it. Most of the comments are positive except many of the pre-1992ers keep reminding me that MCF was ‘never any good’ to which I partly agree noting that I stand by the promise of much of the word itself and many of the dedicated believers in there.

Hello to dear old friends and acquaintances still in MCF/BCF etc. I only slightly apologize for my ranting. I hope you appreciate we still believe many of the teachings that you do! But we can’t tolerate the abuses and cover-ups and false theology that have occurred and been preached, some, ever since the 1970s and especially since 1992.

A special hello to readers in the USA, UK, NZ, Switzerland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore & PNG!


Please make yourself known to me via the Contact page.

That goes for all of you of course.

And thanks for those in the WordPress community following my ramblings who didn’t even know about MCF (until now). I hope my comments on this cult are helpful to you. I actually think we can all learn from this because even normal churches can sometimes do or say cultish things. It’s beneficial to tell our pastors when that happens.

Please create pseudonym WordPress accounts if necessary (like I have 🙂 ) and comment/like/follow more frequently! Please!

And link to my pages from your blogs if you have them. And I’ll vice-versa.

Emails dropped to me via the contact page are really appreciated too. Met quite a few old buddies and some new ones including a few who left around the same time as me from other sites. Really interesting and heartfelt stories of depravity committed by XCF unfortunately.

Just so you know, there were about half-a-dozen major defections from MCF/BCF/SCF in 2016/2017 due to people realizing the cult had gone too far with their, frankly, stupid and evil judgments and partiality and presumptions.

Full on psychological abuse.

But they got out. Thank God.

Please let me know of any inside- or outside-info and I promise to only refer to it in aggregate form.

God bless you all.


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