To Vic Hall, leader of BCF

Dear Vic,

Of course, none of you at BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) or MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) read or reply to my emails any more. Well, none of of you ever actually replied to my emails because you refuse to go on the record on anything – and for an utterly corrupted reason.

I just want you to know that I’m really disappointed that you wouldn’t sit down and talk Scripture. You just treated me as ‘friendly fire’ and . . too bad.

But you KNOW for 100% surety that Charles and I are not the usual ‘leavers’. We wanted so hard to stay. We knew our Scripture. We were so loyal to the promise of MCF and the word on the Body of Christ and Priesthood of All Believers. We loved the Brethren.

We tried so hard to stay loyal to you.

So much of what you’ve preached is true and a unique tying together of ‘hidden’ messages in Scripture that are to be ‘sought after by kings’ (Pro 25:2).

But at the end we discerned that you have a severe problem with control and balance as well as a religious spirit that has blinded you from the truth that you are now running a full-on cult.

Have you read Charles vision about your churches? Here’s his 2012 and 2019 visions.

And I’m afraid what YOUR father told you is true. You are in severe heresy.

BCF and MCF are cults that are destroying lives Vic.

You have lost your love.


You told me once, when we spent a weekend with you, that you ‘hated being the hatchet man’, sacking leaders that needed to be sacked.

But you seem to have turned a blind eye to the lives of your entire congregation, let alone the ones who have left in depression, financial ruin and destruction, trampled by BCF’s word!

Do you realize that under BCF/MCF we second guess everything we ever do? We wonder if, in choosing the wrong job or business or marriage partner we are going to lose our salvation! You have set us all on edge.

You’ve bound us up.

I was an enthusiastic student of the word including our restorationist word. But I couldn’t get a word in with your MCF so-called ‘leaders’ for 25 years! I was reduced to the toilet cleaner, waiter and dish-washer and even unable to teach Sunday School in the end because it ended up being run by a committee of extrovert groupies which controlled how and what we taught!

And you destroyed three of my careers and caused us to lose our home! I became unemployable and lost confidence to even get a decent job for 15 years.

You did that to me.

Everything you preached, David Bonham and Laurie Holland did it to me the very next week!

You assume that whatever comes to your mind, like ‘the sight’ of the elders, is automatically right and of edification and benefit to the congregation.

It’s not! You ended up pummelling us with the harshest teachings of Christ, cultishly twisted, and assumed we all needed to apply all of it, every week! NO, being a leader is about discerning and practically investigating the needs of the community you are a leader of! Usually, balance will solve it!

And the nutty idea that elders had automatic sight! That was the stupidest idea you ever had and is not supported by Scripture.

Your assumption that hitting every one hard and ‘piercing us’ was the solution? But what about waiting for people to mature? God is patient and kind. Leaders need to be patient and kind. You have none of that. You need to put away your egotistical tendencies.

Presently MCF (I can’t directly speak to BCF) is a horrible place of partiality and judgement. It’s a very, very sick place. Nobody talks Scripture for probably 20 years. There is no more Priesthood of All Believers. Not for more than 20 years. No edifying of the Body of Christ. Now it’s all about becoming more and more expert at Vic lingo and other loveless ways.

Vic, it’s time to apologize (eg to me and Helen Pomery for a start), repent and shut down the entire system, probably to home-groups for a year or two run by non-yes men non-groupies.

And find the Lord again.

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