MCF takes the Fifth

Whenever MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) is accused it takes the Christian equivalent of the (US) ‘Fifth’ (Amendment), the vow of silence.

Is that a Christian response?

They would claim that they are shutting their mouths as Christ did at His trial.

There’s several things really wrong with this.

Firstly, MCF is not Christ. How do they know before hand if they are innocent or guilty?

Christian responses require ‘taking a witness’ as outlined in Matt 18:16 or 1 Tim 5:19, clearly implying a process where talking is involved between the disputing parties, even if it involves an eldership.

But, no, MCF just takes the Fifth, and will never bring the two parties together. The Bible is full of Scriptures emphasising the importance of justice. How much more in the Church itself!

But you know what the real, ironic, problem with taking Christ’s stand is for them?

Of course, when Christ closed His mouth He was accepting the guilty verdict on behalf of us sinners! That’s why His mouth was closed! Not to squirm out of taking accountability as MCF does.

If MCF takes the vow of silence, they need to accept a guilty verdict and, just for once, accept the consequences and apologise and make restitution.

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