Brisbane Christian Fellowship: Peddling Unaccountability

One of the worst things that BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) does is teach unaccountability. Sadly, it’s part of their cult theology. And part of their life style. Brisbane Christian Fellowship and MCF teach and exemplify unaccountability in a ridiculously large number of ways: BCF/MCF taught all the time that we should NOT be concerned withContinue reading “Brisbane Christian Fellowship: Peddling Unaccountability”

When did I know it was wrong?

When did I know the teaching and practice of guru headship was wrong? Interesting question. Because in some ways I knew the practice of it, by David Bonham and co, was wrong right from the start. So does that put the fault on me then? No, because MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) taught just as strongly,Continue reading “When did I know it was wrong?”

MCF takes the Fifth

Whenever MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) is accused it takes the Christian equivalent of the (US) ‘Fifth’ (Amendment), the vow of silence. Is that a Christian response? They would claim that they are shutting their mouths as Christ did at His trial. There’s several things really wrong with this. Firstly, MCF is not Christ. How doContinue reading “MCF takes the Fifth”