How does MCF/BCF pull-off institutionalized bullying?

It struck me today that what MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) and BCF (Brisbane CF) essentially have managed to achieve is institutionalized bullying. But how do they manage it without tipping off everyone? Part of the answer is the new, un-Biblical theology has so many built-in excuses for bullying: You need to hear from outside yourselfContinue reading “How does MCF/BCF pull-off institutionalized bullying?”

MCF congregants, you act as if MCF is right irrespective of anything

The saddest thing about our friends we have left behind at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) and BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) is that, almost without exception, they act as if: MCF is right no matter what evidence is given MCF’s teachings are so important that the ends justify the means Even if you agree with us,Continue reading “MCF congregants, you act as if MCF is right irrespective of anything”

MCF takes the Fifth

Whenever MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) is accused it takes the Christian equivalent of the (US) ‘Fifth’ (Amendment), the vow of silence. Is that a Christian response? They would claim that they are shutting their mouths as Christ did at His trial. There’s several things really wrong with this. Firstly, MCF is not Christ. How doContinue reading “MCF takes the Fifth”