MCF congregants, you act as if MCF is right irrespective of anything

The saddest thing about our friends we have left behind at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) and BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) is that, almost without exception, they act as if:

  • MCF is right no matter what evidence is given
  • MCF’s teachings are so important that the ends justify the means
  • Even if you agree with us, somehow it doesn’t matter to you what MCF has done
  • MCF somehow deserve endless benefits of the doubt
  • They can’t speak up about what has happened to those treacherously treated
  • Vows of silence are acceptable
  • We don’t have evidence

But all of these benefits of the doubt given to MCF are un-Biblical or untrue or both.

The Scriptures speak against all of these behaviours:

  • Partiality sometimes OK?
    • Nope. We must not let position affect our decisions (James 2:1-4)
  • Ends justify the means?
    • Nope. Saul’s desire to please God wasn’t accepted (1 Sam 15). And neither was King Asa’s (2 Chron 16).
  • Injustice can be ignored
    • Nope, God HATES injustice! (Pro 6:16-19, Micah 3)
  • Silence OK?
    • Nope. Ephesians tell us to EXPOSE injustice (Eph 5:11)!
  • Accept continual injustice and impartiality and Lording over and taking advantage of?
    • Nope. Paul tells us NOT to accept leadership like that (2 Cor 11)!

For goodness sake!

Almost all of you at MCF agreed it was disgusting the way I was treated by the leadership but YOU DID NOTHING!

What did Justine and I ever do that makes you think we aren’t at least as worthy of the Lord than your super-hero elders?

Why do they get the benefit of the doubt 500 times? Are you applying silly ‘touch not the anointed?’ Are you that simple-minded? Falling for that Jedi mind-trick? I can tell you for 100% truth: they deserve less than the least of any of us after what they have seen and done and lived with.

They are so culpable of the Big Bang thing! And since 1992 they’ve led you astray following after a loveless, egotistical and rather unwise tyrant (Vic Hall) ALL OVER AGAIN.

This is a warning to you!

You are putting comfort and familiarity and friendships ahead of Scripture and truth and the exposing of horrendous injustice and sin.

Will not one of you men or women stand up for the little ones harmed?

3 thoughts on “MCF congregants, you act as if MCF is right irrespective of anything

  1. Paul, i understand the frustrations of your time at MCF and afterwards. From my POV relying on similar experieces while i was there all those years, there was a very real ‘fear’ that would take hold of me and bind me to keep quiet when I was compelled to speak up. ‘It’ had me trapped into not speaking out. Very difficult to explain…..but the whole place was in fear, run as a police state with elders watching you from every corner and there were many of them….and they gang up on you.
    Thats the only way they can win!
    Thats what they consider multiple eldership is for. To reinforce their right or wrong views. The only thing to do is walk away. They were too strong for me and i dont consider myself a weak person. It was all of them versus little lonely me. You learn to be silent in that place or you will have the elders breathing down your neck. It is great to be out and free….and i think that is what the Lord would want His people to be.

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  2. Amen Charity. I’m just trying to point out to the congregants that their fear-driven silence is a covering up of injustice. And I’m not kidding, I’ll accept restitution if the leaders ever come to their senses.


  3. You are so right when you say it is a covering up of injustices. If ever there was a violation/injustice/accusation/ wrong judgment etc against anyone in leadership or ministry, even if that elder or whoever else was in the wrong, the young Ray and the rest would say, “We are backing that person 100%, no matter what, as they are working for us, and we wont be taking it up with them or even asking them to give an account”.

    Can you all see that Ray Jackson Snr got away with terrible things that people were accusing him of simply because the elders were backing him and protecting him? Its no different to whats happening in the world, except when they are caught they have to do “time”.

    MCF would have been finished if it had gotten out into the public place.
    This man was the link to Offler’s teachings which was considered a cut above all other church’s teachings, and that is why he escaped by the skin of his teeth, orchestrated by the elders. The elders considered there was no-one greater. They were wrong. Kevin Connor was by far greater who went on to be a very humble worldwide bible teacher and could hold his head up high. Ray Jackson Snr lived in the shadows and was basically a fugitive because of his great sin.

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