Is MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) changing?

I’m starting to hear (from a few ex-MCFers in contact with current MCFers) that ‘MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) is changing’.

Is that true? Is it possible?

Of course it would be wonderful if MCF was changing for the better (from their behaviour described in this blog). And of course I’ve got no idea from outside whether that’s the case or not.

But MCFers are saying:

We’re changing . .
we’re no longer ‘like that’ . . harsh . . etc

Multiple MCFers to ex-MCFers

Wow, that would be great!

Maybe it’s true.

But . .

. . for true change, there must be repentance, admissions and apologies . . and restitution made.

As far as I know neither Helen Pomery or Simon Doyle or Thanomere or . . this author have had apologies made or restitutions made. And neither have any of the other scores of families.

When David Bonham, Laurie Holland and their side-kicks pay up, I’ll let you know. We are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars by those cowardly men, and ourselves owe this to banks and other organizations because of what MCF did to us over three decades.

So, being nice to MCF groupies and family members is one thing (and doubtful anyway).

If Richard Kaa Snr’s apology from the pulpit a year or so ago (that I read the transcript of) is anything to go by, their change is an utterly pathetic and meaningless change designed to suck in the poor unleavables who are married into it or want to be.

Actually admitting what you’ve done to REAL victims, and doing it publically. And making restitution, that’s another thing.

The stupid thing is there’s probably only 10 or 20 families at MCF and BCF that would actually say we desire or need monetary restitution. XCF could cover that with a couple of million bucks hopefully (since at least in my case, I’m discounting the damages by a factor of 100).

The rest would just like a public apology.

One thought on “Is MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) changing?

  1. I agree with Paul.
    In my circles of XSCFers the same comment. “Oh we have changed now, we aren’t like that. You just have to forgive and move on.”
    While I fully understand the importance of forgiveness. Christian Fellowship use the word to absolve themselves of accountability. When told to ‘just forgive’ I responded with why they have not apologised. Offering forgiveness to someone that doesn’t want it doesn’t work. Without genuine humility and repentance from the perpetrator, offering someone forgiveness that doesn’t want it just re traumatises the victim as they are further discredited. Victims can genuinely forgive without saying ‘I forgive you’ to the perpetrator but it will invole the support of a trained councilor.

    Without lack of evidence someone or the group of CF have changed they are simply wanting to be resolved because their conscious is eating away at them.

    When I left the CF I had to go through a very painful process of going to the people I hurt personally and apologising very spefically for what I had done to them. It is the most humiliating thing to put yourself completely in the mercy of someone else.

    A appology from the pulpit is just smoke and mirrors it’s to general.
    Jesus said it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven. CF leaders have grown fat and wealthy through abuse, power and control. While I know the literal meaning of this passage is about a camel going through a hole in the wall. I like to think of it quite literally of the impossibility of a camel going through a sewing needle, as the likelyhood of any CF leader eating humble pie and actually apologising for the damage they have caused.


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