Is this slander? Is it necessary?

I’m on an early pre-Christmas break so forgive my irregular postings this week. And soon we’ve got a multi-part testimony coming from Simon Doyle which really shows how unhealthy and un-Christian XCF is. Then . . and now.

Well. in my mind, it’s not slander if it’s true. And my comments are just my recollection of events.

My complaints about MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) are that:

  • Their guru headship word locked up my life for 20-25 years
  • I lost my identity career-wise, community-wise, business-wise & spiritually for that entire time.
  • I became a play thing for elders.
  • I lost my employ-ability. We lost our home.
  • Nobody at MCF really cared enough to actually do something about it
  • And that’s despite (1) Vic Hall telling the perps that if they had gone beyond their mandate they should make restitution & (2) Richie Kaa assessing that they had gone WAY beyond their mandate and counselling them for that
  • And then the MCF presbytery washed their hands of it despite no restitution made! The fact that the perps ignored Vic Hall’s request was NOT EVEN commented on.
  • Absolutely no closure.
  • And then the presbytery itself turned on me and lied and provoked and betrayed.

That’s what makes this necessary.

People are living in that community and think it’s a good place while it’s a terrible place.

2 thoughts on “Is this slander? Is it necessary?

  1. In your open letter to MCF you mentioned that THE cultish statement had finally been made in one of Vic’s books. I don’t think you mention what that cultish statement was. Unless ive read it and missed the point. Could you pls say what that was?


    1. What I meant Charity, was that IN EACH Vic book, WHEN a (or the) cultish statement was finally made, the footnote Scriptures didn’t support it.

      So, for example, when a statement was made about eg elders being the face of Christ, the footnote Scriptures were unsupportive.

      The cultish statement was always about guru headship or overstating naming and going to hell for disobeying it or just not knowing your naming etc.

      It was nuts. Despite the fact we all want to do our best for the Lord this is not the way to learn Lordship or obedience.


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