The sin of MCF/BCF

It’s easy (on this blog of mine) to lose the forest for the trees. What exactly is it that MCF/BCF did to us and me in particular? And what does it mean? Well, for 20-25 years of my life I lost the best 20-25 years of my life in depressed, often near unbearable servitude andContinue reading “The sin of MCF/BCF”

Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF): What actions are required

After hideous abuses of myself and hundreds of others, mostly denied or ignored, both BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) and MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) need to make some rapid Christian moves for the sake of recovering their ‘lampstand’ and any possible integrity: They need to publicly admit on-line, in church (with video-ing) and in person toContinue reading “Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF): What actions are required”

Some admissions at BCF?

A few days ago ‘Faith Hopegood’ at Streetcar has posted about some admission being made at BCF of errors at TCF (Toowoomba Christian Fellowship) and even some teachings being wrong from the BCF pulpit! This is good news of course, as we have similarly reported here too earlier about MCF. It’s primarily about TCFContinue reading “Some admissions at BCF?”

Is MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) changing?

I’m starting to hear (from a few ex-MCFers in contact with current MCFers) that ‘MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) is changing’. Is that true? Is it possible? Of course it would be wonderful if MCF was changing for the better (from their behaviour described in this blog). And of course I’ve got no idea from outsideContinue reading “Is MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) changing?”

Is this slander? Is it necessary?

I’m on an early pre-Christmas break so forgive my irregular postings this week. And soon we’ve got a multi-part testimony coming from Simon Doyle which really shows how unhealthy and un-Christian XCF is. Then . . and now. Well. in my mind, it’s not slander if it’s true. And my comments are just my recollectionContinue reading “Is this slander? Is it necessary?”

Dear MCF/BCF congregants

Because of the ‘violence‘ of my/our leaving in 2016, I just want you all to know we still love much of the word we learned at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)/BCF (Brisbane CF) and miss all of you guys. It’s hard not to really dislike some of your leaders because they lied to our faces, andContinue reading “Dear MCF/BCF congregants”

Here’s a cult church that . . apologized!

Today, I’d like to comment on an article link sent to me by Ros from CIFS So Wade Mullen, ex-assistant to the famous campus crusader Josh McDowell himself, later served as a youth pastor in a church with a deep history of all kinds of psychological and emotional and spiritual abuse. And heContinue reading “Here’s a cult church that . . apologized!”

Why am I blogging this?

As I mentioned in an answer to PW’s comment, I feel a need to NOT have this just ‘forgotten and swept under the carpet’. I have indeed lost the best 25 years of my life. I can never be young again. Yes I have a family and am now happy in a new church. ButContinue reading “Why am I blogging this?”


Fortunately, recovery comes . . in the morning. Well, not literally the morning. And it comes in stages. Actually, the day I left in September 2016 I felt an enormous weight lifted off. The feeling of being free was immense and drinkable. God was no longer a monster. And every and any plan was nowContinue reading “Restoration”