Here’s a cult church that . . apologized!

Today, I’d like to comment on an article link sent to me by Ros from CIFS

So Wade Mullen, ex-assistant to the famous campus crusader Josh McDowell himself, later served as a youth pastor in a church with a deep history of all kinds of psychological and emotional and spiritual abuse.

And he became a target when he tried to clean it up.

He went on to study how these sorts of abuses are perpetrated in evangelical circles, uncovering all sorts of seductive mechanisms like ‘impression management’.

The solution for churches, is to publicly talk about these things and name the abuses for what they are.

And, here’s the amazing thing: incredibly, Mullen ultimately was exonerated and publicly apologized to and even restitution was made:

The church where he once served eventually invited him “to receive a genuine and thorough public apology from the current leadership, to publicly extend forgiveness to them, and to receive restitution,

This is unheard of and that church should be congratualted for their step of humility.

MCF & BCF, the one thing you have never done, is to, yourself, make a step of humility. The very step you forced on us.

You think by apologizing, and making restitution you will destroy yourself in our regard for you, and in your finances.

No. You will become pure again.

You will enter a new world and re-enter Christendom.

BCF, start with Helen Pomery. Your sin here is unfathomably diabolical and deserving of eternal damnation. Vic.

Sydney CF, you tiny house of poison, you might still have time to apologize to Aad & Aria. Yes, you Tim.

MCF, I’m available anytime. You destroyed me. You wasted my father’s life. You treated my mother and sister like refuse.

But start with Esther.

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