Invitation to guest authors!

Today I’d like to invite anyone and everyone to contribute, re MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)/BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship), (via Contact) and I’ll post it here under the pseudonym of your choice.

I’ve got one ex-XCFer who is putting a post together presently.

Some diversity (and I already personally know of at least 25 families abused by bizarre XCF actions) would obviously add to our argument here that XCF have not just gone beyond Scripture but beyond human decency in the way they have treated us.

Please go on the record, because the secrets are destructive to those still in there. Seriously. I understand silence if it is to remain in contact with XCF relatives, but otherwise, there’s no reason to keep up the MCF/BCF code-of-silence.

They lost the courtesy of anonymity decades ago.

Also happy to publish contrary points of view from current XCFers as well (obviously I’ll make an honest and fair comment, which you can rebut if you wish, on such posts, but I’ll publish them).

I’ll still post every day for a while, but I want to make room for some others.

See you tomorrow.

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