Dear MCF/BCF congregants

Because of the ‘violence‘ of my/our leaving in 2016, I just want you all to know we still love much of the word we learned at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)/BCF (Brisbane CF) and miss all of you guys.

It’s hard not to really dislike some of your leaders because they lied to our faces, and in many cases, dealt treacherously with us for decades behind our backs. But I still like the people they used to be, or, at least, tried to be.

i really admire the talents and hearts of many of the young MCF leaders like Richie and Jona Wills but we’re just really concerned for what they are – in our opinions – being sucked into, and in Richie’s case, knowingly.

Please reach out to us. We still love you guys.

What violence did we exactly leave in?

Well, the leaders did what they always told us they would do with victims. They always preached against victim-hood and when we became genuine victims, boy, did they practice what they preached!

The difference was, in our case, we knew 100% what happened to us over 25 years. Not one of the elders knows the whole story because the elders do NOT keep each other accountable.

They just DO NOT DO IT.

So, in essentially Gary Worth’s words, unless it is sexual abuse, they will not do anything about it.

In our case it was a black and white case of, for 15 years, David Bonham and Laurie Holland and their buddies PRESCRIPTIVELY managing my life, threatening me continuously with hell fire. It was PRESCRIPTIVE. I was hurtfully not allowed to change jobs, banned from starting businesses, commercialize software or do internships. Ultimately banned from thinking about innovation.

Richie Kaa and Bob Stevens made it 100% clear this was not acceptable and were very disappointed in David Bonham et al.

Vic Hall made it 100% clear that, therefore – because they went ‘beyond their mandate’ – I deserved restitution to help us get our lives back together after 25 years of anti-stewarding my career.

That letter from Vic was read to them ONCE and ONCE only. No copies given.

Those perpetrators then claimed to me to NOT have heard Vic calling them to restitution and full apology.

Then your lovely, darling Richie Kaa REFUSED to read it back to them when I asked.

That is why I left without saying goodbye. That is why I consider that even Richie Kaa, (not to mention the perpetrators or the rest of the presbytery) have lied and betrayed me.

Can’t you see it’s a huge cover up? Not to mention a case of disgusting, protracted control and psychological abuse for 15-25 years? And that we deserved financial restitution to help us out of the gutter?

But we still love you. We don’t understand why almost all of you do not want to finally stand up to the eldership for our sake. We do not understand that. Because in our case we have all the evidence available and the perpetrators would testify to at least 90% of what we say.

And I have forgiven them. But when they are ready to pay restitution, I will accept it.

On top of that, I can show you Scripturally, how far off, Vic’s new theology is and why it’s so dangerous.

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