Dear MCF/BCF congregants

Because of the ‘violence‘ of my/our leaving in 2016, I just want you all to know we still love much of the word we learned at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)/BCF (Brisbane CF) and miss all of you guys. It’s hard not to really dislike some of your leaders because they lied to our faces, andContinue reading “Dear MCF/BCF congregants”

The timeline of MCF’s destruction of my life (Part V)

Yesterday I covered the majority of the systematic and sustained psychological abuse over a 20 year period committed by my local leaders David Bonham and his side-kicks, against me, together with the MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) presbytery because senior presbytery member Laurie Holland, knew what was going on. Today, I’ll describe our realization tha twe’dContinue reading “The timeline of MCF’s destruction of my life (Part V)”