The sin of MCF/BCF

It’s easy (on this blog of mine) to lose the forest for the trees.

What exactly is it that MCF/BCF did to us and me in particular? And what does it mean?

Well, for 20-25 years of my life

  • I lost the best 20-25 years of my life in depressed, often near unbearable servitude and forced nothingness because of this manipulative and deceived church move of Melbourne Christian Fellowship & Brisbane Christian Fellowship. I can only trust that this suffering of mine is somehow for the sake of others and not pointless
  • I lived under a national and local church leadership that didn’t let me do anything I wanted to do under threat of going to hell.
  • Everything I loved (my postdoc, technology, business, Bible teaching, evangelising) and planned to do was labelled an idol or a ‘projection’ to be ‘laid down’, dropped. to have no further interest in unless ‘God resurrects it’. This resulted in endless torturous mind games with elders & their sidekicks literally standing over me. If you showed any interest in something you were banned from it or it was given to someone else. It was heartless.
  • Due to a code of silence I could not talk about it for 20-25 years
  • It was sickening and psychologically damaging being blocked from any stewarding of my career/businesses or serving in my church (beyond toilet cleaning) for 20-25 years as almost everyone else went from strength to strength
  • My local leaders may have been fruitcakes but what they did was 100% consistent with the preaching of Vic Hall et al
  • Neither Vic Hall/BCF or the local MCF presbytery took any interest or duty of care in what the local homegroup leaders were doing to their flocks yet they knew what my local leaders were doing to me (despite denying it) because Laurie Holland was on the presbytery and talked a lot with David Bonham (my homegroup leader) as evidenced by the threats that LH made to me
  • When I reported it many of the presbytery largely denied it or said ‘it was just advice’ despite the teaching on obeying without questioning, they denied knowing about it & denied the word preached was consistent with or encouraging of that behaviour
  • Vic Hall told the local homegroup leaders to make restitution to me if they had gone ‘beyond their mandate’
  • Richie Kaa & the presbytery determined the local homegroup leaders had gone beyond their mandate
  • No restitution was ever paid. When they asked how much I would expect, I asked for a TOTAL of $200,000 from the church and the 4 local leaders so that we could scrape ourselves out of the gutter after having lost the best years of my adult life in horrific servitude and nothingness (& lost our house and been near-unemployable despite being a 99.9 ATAR equivalent with a 10-year PhD CSIRO career).
  • This inconsistency was never addressed
  • I was never allowed to talk to the presbytery with the perpetrators in the same room
  • The whole organization is a sham and a cult because they taught ‘do not question us’. ‘It is poured out from heaven into a bowl of teaching’. ‘There’s nowhere else’.
  • But it was manipulative because we grew up there before it was like this and had become a community. And they made it near-impossible to leave because our roots and friends and family were there.
  • The leaders knew what they were doing and what they could and could not get away with and who was susceptible
  • The cover-up by the presbytery was nasty and carefully planned
  • They shut down a full generation of lovely, dedicated believers who just wanted to contribute in favour of the elders kids and young people who they could indoctrinate (I do not exaggerate)
  • So I consider Vic Hall, BCF, MCF & my local leaders all culpable and delinquent in their duties, preaching of twisted un-Biblical theology and New Testament responsibility to make restitution.

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