The true nature of Vic Hall

Through multiple recent interactions we have more confirmations of the true nature of Vic Hall, leader of BCF and the XCF cult movement.

Some who have left consider him to be sincere but misguided.

Who knows.

I believe, unfortunately, that he is worse than that. Of course, usually, God will lead us out of misguidedness if we have a teachable heart.

What we have uncovered recently as we have been interacting with abused folk from XCF sites around the world are a pattern of exaggerations and lies:

  1. Vic Hall LIE #1

Vic Hall claimed to various churches in Indonesia that in the early days a very miraculous tongue message/interpretation was made to tell a large congregation of ministers that:

‘Listen to this man. He is a servant of the Lord and he brings My word. Hear him’.

Tongue message by a non-English speaker (as bragged by Vic Hall)

It’s a totally true miraculous event witnessed by a multitude . .

. . EXCEPT . .

. . the message was not about Vic Hall but about the entire team. It was the late 1970s and Vic Hall had not started preaching his ‘guru’ messenger debilitating word.

The actual tongue message, during the song-service, in English by a non-English speaker, as noted by the translator, was:

‘These are servants of the Lord and they bring my word. Hear them’.

Tongue message, during the song service, by a non-English speaker (as recalled by the natural translator)

Vic Hall was one of five speakers including Ray Jackson Jnr and Jeff Hammond. It was a message about the team, not Vic Hall. And the word was the original word from MCF. This original word on unity, the Body of Christ and multiple eldership is still cherished by us and taught throughout the world by Jeff Hammond and is totally Biblical.

This confirms – to me – the soundness of the original word, and the waste that MCF and BCF have caused of people and the original word.

Let’s keep getting the word out of a growing, powerful, glorious, united global Church knitted together by devotion to the Lord Jesus and Biblical multiple eldership and priesthood of all believers!

2. Vic Hall LIE #2

Vic Hall claims to have perfomed ‘mnay miracles’. Yet none of us inlcuding his fellow travelling ministers and translators are aware of any such feats.

We can’t be sure but it sounds like another Vic Hall embelishment.

This is important because Vic Hall is currently captivating groups up in Indonesia RIGHT NOW with these claims that he DOES NOT MAKE here in Australia.

This is totally consistent with his known fruit and known egotistical way and horrifcally debilitating theology unfortunately, despite the fact that some of his ideas are undoubtedly sound.

One thought on “The true nature of Vic Hall

  1. Yeah, he mentioned those lies in his seminars before hundreds of people, church leaders, and many people who sincerely want to grow in God. And people (esp.the leaders) who are fascinated by him bring those lies to their home churches in other towns and deceive more people in Borneo, Manado, North Sulawesi, and many other places.

    Just try this. If you search on Google about Vic Hall’s miracles or great ministry, it doesn’t show any article about it. That’s weird. No evidence.
    Compare him to Billy Graham who was truly a great well-known preacher. Search Billy Graham on Google and it will give tons of evidence of his great ministry.

    And you know what? All Vic Hall’s yesmen here tell people not to rely so much on Google, not to trust things they find about BCF/MCF on internet, because those are “the other words” which are not from the presbytery. While the fact is… Vic Hall is a liar liar liar. I can’t believe he told lies to the people of God for his own benefit.

    Interestingly, in the last seminar this year he confessed to us that he told lies and manipulations to people (esp. older people) since childhood and he enjoyed how he could fool them and could think that they’re stupid. So the disorder started since his childhood and is still continuing now. Normal children with kind hearts don’t have such thoughts like he had as a child.

    He is enjoying how people fall in his manipulations and lies. He is enjoying that blind admiration. He is enjoying people’s foolishness.

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