From time to time I do have to ask myself whether I have forgiven the elders and presbyteries at Melbourne Christian Fellowship (MCF) and Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF) for their cultish, abusive practices and misleading, manipulative and non-Biblical teachings.

Have I really forgiven them?

Why am I writing this blog?

Does forgiveness mean not warning others?

Can I forgive them AND write this blog?

I don’t really know for sure.

But I know that I do feel love for the leaders of MCF and BCF. I hope for reconciliation. I hope the best for them. I pray for them.

But I also pray that they will be exposed for what they are doing.

So it’s complicated.

I have ‘forgiven them’ to their faces but since then have had many arguments with them. In my heart I forgive them but they won’t talk to me. They have not asked for forgiveness because they are still abusing people and lying about me.

But Scripture strongly hints that we need to always forgive, even if not asked for forgiveness. Interestingly when Jesus could have made it clear about enemies and abusive ones he only said to ‘love and pray’ for them. He didnt’ say to forgive people continuing to be enemies, contrary to Jesus’ and Stephen’s examples on their deathbeds:

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

Matt 5:44

Regardless, I forgive them.

But, as required for ‘enemies’ I will ALSO keep this blog going to expose the harm continuing to be done by these delinquent and deceived and incredibly destructive people.

I feel more love for them than revenge or need for vindication, but on principle I must keep this blog open.

4 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Mr.Paul, I read the posts on streetcar forum by accident and found your page here. I am one of the member of the fellowship in Indonesia and right now I feel the similar things you wrote in this page. I question a lot of things in this fellowship but all the elders will say is just “You are so self centered, you have such a big other law in your heart”. The leader is always right, so shut up and do what they say, even if they treat other people without respect. I decided that I’ve had enough of this nonsense and quit. I feel so guilty as the teachings are still on my mind and punishing me. Like they still speak to me in my head. Thank you for making this page, at least I know I’m not alone. Is there a way for me to contact you? I really need confirmation that what I feel about the strange things there are true.


    1. BTT, thank the Lord he has freed you! Yes the BCF/MCF move had so many good things but unfortunately the culture and legalism and teachings since 1992 are no longer godly. And you will feel condemned by their selfish, manipulative word. Do not lose faith, Jesus is Lord and there are scores of us freed ones here in Melbourne to talk to, not just me! CONTACT DETAILS EDITED OUT. God bless you BTT and welcome to true freedom in Christ! Please contact me anytime.


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