Brisbane Christian Fellowship: Peddling Unaccountability

One of the worst things that BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) does is teach unaccountability.

Sadly, it’s part of their cult theology. And part of their life style.

Brisbane Christian Fellowship and MCF teach and exemplify unaccountability in a ridiculously large number of ways:

  1. BCF/MCF taught all the time that we should NOT be concerned with things ‘out of our accountability’. Don’t get concerned about injustices on other people. They actually said that. It’s because XCF is a church move of injustice. Elders are telling people to do stupid things on a daily basis and causing havoc. Their argument is to let God have revenge, but what about NOT hiding injustice. We’re not supposed to hide and abet injustice according to Scripture!
  2. Don’t talk about what’s happening to you. Don’t ‘murmur’.
  3. When accused ‘open not your mouth’ as Christ. It’s effectively a code of silence, taking the fifth. But it’s a for a corrupted reason.
  4. Injustices don’t matter because God knows, God takes revenge and everything works together for good.
  5. Do what your elder tells you even if you know it is wrong because elders are marred as Christ was and in following them you are obeying ‘as unto the Lord’
  6. Don’t help people suffering because that is God’s measure of suffering and will build character in them
  7. Their care axiom is: ‘If it’s not sexual abuse, there’s nothing we can do’

The place was just short of a complete nuthouse only because most people didn’t obey these things all the time out of residual common sense.

Let’s just never forget that the Scriptures have WAY MORE TEACHING about exposing and standing up for justice than any vague allusions to idiotic Brisbane Christian Fellowship teachings.

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