The true nature of Vic Hall

Through multiple recent interactions we have more confirmations of the true nature of Vic Hall, leader of BCF and the XCF cult movement. Some who have left consider him to be sincere but misguided. Who knows. I believe, unfortunately, that he is worse than that. Of course, usually, God will lead us out of misguidednessContinue reading “The true nature of Vic Hall”

Miracles after we left MCF

After we left MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) in 2016, there were a few rapid minor miracles that occurred: MIRACLE 1. The day after Justine decided to join me in my departure of MCF I pinged Jeff & Annette Hammond on Facebook: Help! We’ve left MCF and need to talk! My Facebook PM to Annette Hammond,Continue reading “Miracles after we left MCF”


Fortunately, recovery comes . . in the morning. Well, not literally the morning. And it comes in stages. Actually, the day I left in September 2016 I felt an enormous weight lifted off. The feeling of being free was immense and drinkable. God was no longer a monster. And every and any plan was nowContinue reading “Restoration”