Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF): What actions are required

After hideous abuses of myself and hundreds of others, mostly denied or ignored, both BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) and MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) need to make some rapid Christian moves for the sake of recovering their ‘lampstand’ and any possible integrity:

  1. They need to publicly admit on-line, in church (with video-ing) and in person to victims that they have committed these abuses addressing – in detail – many examples including the top ten on my list and others
  2. Admit multiple false and over emphasized teachings & practices – stemming from BCF – & delinquency & lack of care – committed by all XCF presbyteries – are the fundamental causes of these abuses
  3. They should make apologies and recompenses (as requested by Vic Hall in some cases).
    • In my case the abuses hit me hard for 25 years but I discounted my estimated damages down from the actual $10M to $200K when MCF asked me what restitution I would estimate
  4. They need to demonstrate somehow that they are genuine in heart
  5. Enable victims to address joint sittings of present and past presbyteries including perpetrators they identify
  6. The leadership at BCF and MCF should stand down. Find Jesus again. Remember when it wasn’t about empire building and control?

You want healing? That’s what it will take. Anything less is a whitewash. There is little precedence for this. There is none in the New Testament remotely similar. We can only extrapolate from the case of a single leader needing to be publically put out and then ultimately forgiven.

In this case we have systematic heresy and abuses and colussions from multiple presbyteries.

The WWII Jewish Holocaust is the closest analogy. Many of us lost our freedom and/or families for up to 25 years.

If BCF & MCF don’t do this, I would ask all of you congregation members to ask yourself, what are you doing in this crazy place that believes in systematic:

  • control
  • manipulation
  • presumptuous demands, ‘imputations’ & ‘laying-downs’
  • threats of hell fire for leaving church or disobeying elders
  • ministry bannings & destruction
  • career and education bannings & destruction
  • marriage breakups or bannings
  • shunning of family members
  • pigeon-holing
  • cover-ups
  • lies
  • proclaiming of non-Biblical truths
  • one-tracked teaching for 25 years

Ask yourself: Is this really what you signed up for?

Are Uncle Vic and co at Brisbane Christian Fellowship really for us or for themselves?

What about . . Jesus?

2 thoughts on “Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF): What actions are required

  1. G’day Paul … reality check … compensation? Restitution? Your decisions were made as an adult – sure, they fed you a pack of lies but you, like many of us, chose to believe them for whatever reason. Prior to that charlatan Jackson being kicked out people gave money for the theatre in Canterbury then for the property at Croydon as well as time, money and working bees. Plenty of people took part time jobs, didn’t do post secondary studies, and so on to follow the wonderful Word. The road to the so called restoration theology you carry on about is littered with the corpses of scumbag pastors and their fleeced sheep. In the meantime the general church that just believes in Jesus and gospel values like preaching good news, looking out for your neighbour, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, helping the poor, clothing the naked … has just carried on doing all those things. All this has happened while the cults and their unqualified but entrepreneurial leaders have twisted the scriptures so their followers think they are on some special ride to perfection and a blessed outpouring of health, wealth and happiness. We thought we were special … well, we weren’t. We were sucked in by a con man and his adulterous side -kick. Two peas in a pod. But the bottom line is that we were adults and we made decisions as adults. Besides – those who wronged us will reap what they sow. It might be wise to let God take care of them rather than try to do it yourself!

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    1. Well Barry, that’s one approach.

      I did point out that Vic himself TOLD the MCF perpetrators to make restitution to me BECAUSE they went beyond their mandate.

      It’s all about the fact that they did it in a manipulative manner. They weasled their way into our lives and then, judged what we would accept, judged me as manipulatable and compliant, and asked me to drop EVERY SINGLE THING I wanted to do for 20-25 years.

      I never signed up for that sort of manipulation.

      Even Vic Hall considers that unacceptable.

      As Christians, they sinned against me.

      Even in the New Testament there is the concept of making restitution.

      I’m saying, I am open to it as part of the healing process.

      And, honestly, it will require those actions to complete the healing and reconciliation process.


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