Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF): Complete Contradictions

Are these statements by Vic Hall & friends from BCF – compatible?

This word we are preaching is a proclaimed, fathered word. It has been tested by the presbytery. It is not to be debated or questioned but acted on. If we self-name ourselves there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Those who name themselves will ultimately go mad. Their worm will not die.

Vic Hall, Murray Wylie & company (1995-2010-ish). Every month or so.

These books only have a lifetime of a few months, or maybe a year or so. After that you should burn them.

Vic Hall (2015)

We mixed up the revelation about the twin palm trees and the twin bowls of Zechariah and incorrectly thought it should be applied today.

Vic Hall & Ray Jackson/Gary Worth (2013/2014), as best as can be remembered

In one breath Brisbane Christian Fellowship tells us they are essentially infallible and must be obeyed as if they are the apostle Paul. In another: burn the books! And then . . we got it wrong about our teachings coming from a superior Zechariah-ish apostolic bowl.

And no apology about harm done!

Only in the most twisted sense are these statements compatible: you must obey us or got to hell . . but we could be HUGELY wrong!

Of course the apostasy was and is Brisbane Christian Fellowship telling their congregation, in the first place, that the elders must be obeyed or the congregation will go to hell.

One thought on “Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF): Complete Contradictions

  1. Hi Paul … shades of all the major cults. JWs have changed their doctrine when their predicted events didn’t happen on their chosen dates. As did the SDAs Ellen White. Normal behaviour to keep the followers guessing and hanging out for the latest revelation.

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