Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF): Complete Contradictions

Are these statements by Vic Hall & friends from BCF – compatible? This word we are preaching is a proclaimed, fathered word. It has been tested by the presbytery. It is not to be debated or questioned but acted on. If we self-name ourselves there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Those who nameContinue reading “Brisbane Christian Fellowship (BCF): Complete Contradictions”

So why do I not blame myself?

I occasionally get asked this. Well, I sort-of grew up in MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship). My Dad got sucked in when I was 10 years old. And, although I didn’t start going regularly until I was 17, I had become a firm believer in its Bible-based reformationist teachings because of Dad and the books heContinue reading “So why do I not blame myself?”

The timeline of MCF’s destruction of my life (Part III)

Following on from my first three years at MCF, where I experienced both the good and bad of the move, we then experienced the Big Bang of 1988 (here’s my earlier account). This was the discovery that two senior leaders of MCF, including the founder Ray Jackson Snr, were found to be in immorality, oneContinue reading “The timeline of MCF’s destruction of my life (Part III)”

The Jerusalem Passion (Oratorio)

While writing my post on Murray Wylie, I played his beautiful oratorio on YouTube. At this point of the clip I burst into weeping: I wept for the loss and waste. For Murray and his depression. The lost friends. The remembrance of the purity of that presentation. It’s lost vision. The original promise. Of theContinue reading “The Jerusalem Passion (Oratorio)”

The Curse of the Golden Lampstand (Part II)

Following on from part I, where I covered David Falk, today I want to continue discussing what happened to the three primary messengers to MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) of Vic Hall’s insidious cult teachings. Because all three of them mysteriously disappeared: one fell, one had a nervous breakdown and the other got sacked. And allContinue reading “The Curse of the Golden Lampstand (Part II)”

The Curse of the Golden Lampstand (Part I)

Just a silly title. But it’s true. The three men who most force-fed us the ‘messenger‘ word at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship), in the kindly or most enthusiastic manner, but giving us the least wriggle room to live our lives in, were: David Falk (BCF) Murray Wylie (BCF) Keith Tucker (MCF) followed by people likeContinue reading “The Curse of the Golden Lampstand (Part I)”

How the cult of 1992 actually began

The cultish new theology all began, as far as I can remember, with a new emphasis on Headship, Family Order and a seemingly innocuous little booklet on Abraham and Sarah from Vic Hall. We had just been doing ‘fatherhood’ with the interim regime for three or four years and it seemed like the next step.Continue reading “How the cult of 1992 actually began”