The Curse of the Golden Lampstand (Part II)

Following on from part I, where I covered David Falk, today I want to continue discussing what happened to the three primary messengers to MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) of Vic Hall’s insidious cult teachings. Because all three of them mysteriously disappeared: one fell, one had a nervous breakdown and the other got sacked. And all hush-hushed. They just stopped visiting us 2014-2016!

I propose that the Lord has allowed this as the reapings of senior Bible teachers teaching . . crap. At least they did announce that they came as ‘Proclaimers’ rather than teachers which should have warned us. In MCF parlance, ‘Proclaimer’ effectively means ‘we don’t have to justify it’. But that’s no excuse.

Murray Wylie

The much loved Murray Wylie, of Jerusalem Passion fame, and BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) would come, like the other two primary messengers, once every 3 months or so and deposit more of Vic Hall’s teachings on us.

But, it was so poorly supported by Scripture.

Whether it was Vic’s version of headship which placed elders between man and Christ in such a debilitating manner that we men were no longer men. We second-guessed everything we ever did. And mostly got banned from our plans, dreams and joys. And the women had it worse.

Or the dozens of teachings that . . amounted to the same thing. Laying it down. Emptying. Piercing by your friends. Farmer not prophet. Rich Young Ruler. Worthy homes. Chastisement. Master & Slave. Etc, etc.

Well, Murray Wylie brought it with such Murray-like love but with the warning of hellfire if we didn’t live it. That we just couldn’t say no.

But Murray! The Scriptures are barely relevant to the topic, let alone your cultish teachings. And you took advantage of us as a captive audience, all interconnected by friendship or family, in the otherwise lovely environment of MCF.

Murray, did it not scare you that the plain meaning of the Scriptures, and the way the early church lived, did not support the ‘messenger‘ teachings?

A year after we left I called Murray, and was shocked that I could actually get through to him. He admitted that he’d had a nervous breakdown and was no longer in leadership. I wished him all the best in his recovery.

But I did challenge him about the lack of Scriptural support for the BCF teachings and the list of carnage of damaged families across the nation.

All Murray could reply was:

Paul, didn’t you understand that these were all just theories?

Murray Wylie, 2017

I was shocked.

I replied: “No Murray. You taught it so forcefully and yet lovingly and as a ‘Fathered Word’, that we were under the impression that you had tested it in scholarship and spirit.”

In the end he got quite pathetic and would not apologise for it or take any accountability. I had to tell him that

MCF under Vic Hall and yourself has been the most bullying and destructive experience of my life

Paul ‘Kovaks’ (to Murray Wylie) 2017

And I love this gentleman and his music.

Murray, I hope you come to your senses about what you did to us.

Then, maybe, then, God will heal your depression.

See also: my reaction to playing Murray’s beautiful Jerusalem Passion Oratorio.

Part III tomorrow.

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