The Curse of the Golden Lampstand (Part I)

Just a silly title. But it’s true.

The three men who most force-fed us the ‘messenger‘ word at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship), in the kindly or most enthusiastic manner, but giving us the least wriggle room to live our lives in, were:

  1. David Falk (BCF)
  2. Murray Wylie (BCF)
  3. Keith Tucker (MCF)

followed by people like Vic Hall (BCF) himself, Peter Hay (BCF) and Jona Wills (MCF).

But these more senior ones, 1-3 should have known better.

They would remember the days when we always asked when someone made a statement in homegroup ‘What’s the Scripture for that?’ From the days when we were a teaching and learning church.

Well, I’ve mentioned what happened to them in the Letter.

Without any explanation, these visiting proclaimers and teachers disappeared from our lives.

In the past one of them would come once every 3 months, as a five-fold travelling ministry type, and minister the latest Vic Hall . . cra. . teachings. It was taught. It was proclaimed. As always, the Scriptures quoted only dubiously related to the topic matter let alone the sentiment and twisted theology.

They begged us to take it on with testimonies and stories of blessings and, alternatively, damnation, nashing of teeth and so on if we didn’t put it into practice.

David Falk

David Falk would tell stories of amazing business successes to men who were putting the literal-ism of the Levitical five offerings into practice.

He would make confident statements something like:

If you make a Thanksgiving offering, make sure you test it with a Free Will Offering first . .

David Falk (as remembered) 2014

When you make your Vow be careful whether it is binding or not . .

David Falk (as remembered) 2014

We should all be moving into making Heave offerings of our time or money .so that we move forward in the euconemia of God and enable further talent or mina opportunities . .

David Falk (as remembered) 2014

I can hear his voice booming right now. Every young man (and the rest of us) wanted the blessings of these types of feats. They called him ‘Falky’.

LIttle did they know he had fallen into enormous sins of financial deception and theft as he was proclaiming these legalistic and rather dubious teachings.

And at MCF we were NEVER told.

He just . . disappeared.

But the young men in MCF still call him ‘Falky’. And the young men and women are ‘heaving’ their time in droves on Tuesday nights (2016 at least). At these workathons they learn to be good slaves that never dare to ask a question or take initiative. I heard what happens if you close a door between offices to cut down the noise spread. Literally told not to even take that simple initiative.

No wonder Falky has been shut down by God. Such disregard for scholarship. Such reading between the lines. Such legalism as never heard before. Such presumption. Such waste of human life.

Part II tomorrow . .

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