Some admissions at BCF?

A few days ago ‘Faith Hopegood’ at Streetcar has posted about some admission being made at BCF of errors at TCF (Toowoomba Christian Fellowship) and even some teachings being wrong from the BCF pulpit! This is good news of course, as we have similarly reported here too earlier about MCF. It’s primarily about TCFContinue reading “Some admissions at BCF?”

The Curse of the Golden Lampstand (Part I)

Just a silly title. But it’s true. The three men who most force-fed us the ‘messenger‘ word at MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship), in the kindly or most enthusiastic manner, but giving us the least wriggle room to live our lives in, were: David Falk (BCF) Murray Wylie (BCF) Keith Tucker (MCF) followed by people likeContinue reading “The Curse of the Golden Lampstand (Part I)”

How the cult of 1992 actually began

The cultish new theology all began, as far as I can remember, with a new emphasis on Headship, Family Order and a seemingly innocuous little booklet on Abraham and Sarah from Vic Hall. We had just been doing ‘fatherhood’ with the interim regime for three or four years and it seemed like the next step.Continue reading “How the cult of 1992 actually began”