When did I know it was wrong?

When did I know the teaching and practice of guru headship was wrong?

Interesting question.

Because in some ways I knew the practice of it, by David Bonham and co, was wrong right from the start.

So does that put the fault on me then?

No, because MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) taught just as strongly, that:

  • Counsel may seem wrong to us
  • Even if it is wrong, we still need to listen to ‘marred headship’ (‘as unto the Lord’)
  • You can’t ‘shop around’ for your own messenger
  • You are planted here
  • Talking about what your elder is doing to you is murmuring

So this ‘get out of jail free‘ card for the elders meant there was no recourse to debate anything. You just had to accept whatever they did to you.

Otherwise you were going to hell.

They also misused and legalistically and twisted-ly applied other Scriptures:

  • You shouldn’t try and change the ‘state you were saved in’ in, and this was applied to careers (I Cor 7). So how come people get married in XCFs?
  • You should only do what you can put your hands to (that is don’t plan schemes). How does anything get invented in that type of society?

So I just accepted for 20 years that although my local elders and his henchmen were idiots and even wrong and unfair, because God knew about it, He mustn’t want me to do my internship or change jobs from the one I had grown to hate or start my businesses or commercialize my software. And that the Lord hated my passion for these things. I cried weekly about this.

It was only when Gary Worth, Bob Stevens and Ritchie Kaa started lying to me tha tI realized the whole thing was a sham.

The simplest cause of all the problems was that Vic was wrong in his teachings about guru headship and accepting marred headship and codes of silence etc.

As soon as I realized that I became hugely angry.

That they had peddled this crap theology and practiced it without care or safe guards. And they lied and provoked and misused private information. And were completely unaccountable.

So I knew the edicts were wrong in the natural from the start but thought that God must have wanted it. But when I came to realize that the elders had no integrity and the theology was a sham, instantly it was either fix up the place or get out. Not one person at MCF could see my POV (or deeply cared enough to do something about it) so we got out.

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