Led by the Spirit

Well, today’s MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)/BCF (Brisbane CF) ‘devotion’ is all about being ‘Led by the Spirit’.

Really? That’s it’s title but of course it’s somehow twisted to another ‘guru headship’ message!

I kid you not:

When Solomon said, ‘Let your head lack no oil’, he was implying that it is possible to forego the anointing. Ecc 9:8. We do this when we reject the order of headship through which the oil of the Spirit of grace is ministered to every Christian.

BCF devotion, Dec 4th 2019

So from one verse about being anointed by oil they insist it’s talking about being led by the Spirit thru . . headship order. Which, at MCF/BCF means ‘guru headship’, where elders are the face of Christ to us plebs.

Incredible. Still at it!

And even if this is a link between oil (Holy Spirit) and headship, it’s to HEADSHIP: that is. coming under the Lordship of Christ, as the Scriptures on headship ACTUALLY say:

But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man,[a] and the head of Christ is God.

1 Cor 11:3

There’s no elders in there! It even says ‘the head of EVERY man . . is Christ’!

Not elders.

This month they are busy defending their twisted guru headship foundation that has destroyed hundreds and hundreds of lives.

In fact, look how they start today:

We can be confident each day in our work because the Holy Spirit is leading us. In this regard, we do not need anyone to script our life for us.

BCF devotional

Hmmm. That’s what they did do for 25 years! They scripted our lives. Move by move.

This is their way of almost apologising: the non-apology back-flip.

In fact Vic Hall, almost laughing, did make this non-apology apology a few years ago down at MCF:

We never wanted elders managing the daily minutiae of men’s lives!

Vic Hall, MCF, 2013-ish

But Vic, your preaching implied that elders should manage our detailed affairs! The sin of self-naming was illustrated time and time again with examples about choosing ministries to steward (or not), courses to take up (or not), musical instruments to choose (or not), houses to buy (or not), jobs to take up (or not), businesses to start (or not) and so on.

Vic, what did you leave us to decide?

There was no apology for the horrific damage done. And it continues today.

It was the beginning of the dash to freedom for me. It should have been for us all. Because we all knew that the preached word had been harsh and indisputable for 20 years on that topic. And it’s practice.

Why this sudden daily defense of their foundation? We might be having an impact. Who knows. I hope so. Please keep the testimonies coming in.

And how ridiculous to link being led by the Holy Spirit to guru headship.

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