Victim mentality?

Oh MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship).

You went on and on about your hatred of the ‘victim mentality’.

But what other church (other than perhaps the Catholic Church) has so much (unholy) need to be against the victim mentality?

Why should you have such hatred for victims that are seeking justice?

Do you not understand how FOUNDATIONAL justice is to the Judeo-Christian ethic? How many times ‘justice’ and ‘mercy’ appears in the Scriptures (256 times, not including synonyms)?

And have you not read:

Do not deny justice or show partiality to anyone.

Deut 16:19

Don’t do it to . . ANYONE.

But you did it 70×7 times to almost all of us!

It was your modus operandi! Banning us from our joys. Declaring everything we wanted to be an ‘idol’. Giving our ideas to someone else . . who hated it. Never thanking anyone for a job well done. Letting people suffer ‘their cross’ without help.

I can remember Richie Kaa preaching:

Who’s been a victim? Well, I hardly need ask, especially in this place!

Richie Kaa, MCF, 2015-ish

It got a few . . nervous . . laughs.

Because we all, along with Richie, knew that MCF was a place that had become a platform and house of utter bastards.

We had preached such a lopsided word for so long. About never thanking anyone (because it was our ‘duty’). About letting people live their cross. About not getting alongside victims who ‘just wanted attention’.

We became freaking bastards to each other.

We need to uphold and come to the rescue of the trampled, the downtrodden. The victim. Always.

For as often as you (helped) one of these, you did it to me.


And MCF & BCF: stop being the perpetrators.

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