The Little Ones List

UPDATE: 3 more families added today (Tuesday, Dec 3rd, 2019).

This is a list of people and families abused by MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship)/BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship) and its offshoots, mostly, but not exclusively, since 1992 (i.e. due to the Vic Hall ‘guru messenger‘ word). It does NOT (yet) include hundreds of people affected by David Falk-induced business losses at BCF and TCF (Toowoomba CF) or dozens of people stupidly mistreated by Bob Stevens and David Bonham in the 1980s/90s at Leongatha CF or harsh treatment in Shepparton CF because I have no first hand link to these testimonies (please contact me).

It’s mostly anonymized (indicated by quotes around the pseudonyms).

None of these people, including myself, are perfect. But they/we are not the monsters or lost souls that MCF/BCF makes them out to be.

Their/our only crime was often simply: being compliant. Or not able to 100% meet MCF/BCF expectations of perfection. Or none at all. And it was always at threat of loss of salvation or loss of relationship with family and friends. What makes it so insidious and abusive, is that we were living together in a community, friends and family. And so, we were taken advantage off precisely because . . we were compliant ones or didn’t want to lose relationship. If the only way to live like that is to agree 100% with eldership, then you will end up with a horrifically abusive cult that employs bullying and manipulation. And we did.

INVITATION: Let me know by the contact page or 0411 091 999 SMS if you want to be added here, anonymized or otherwise, or want an entry modified or removed. It’s time for the code-of-silence to be lifted! Shout the truth from the rooftops.

Adding more every day on this page . . 

Person Place Elders When Abuse Comment
Helen Pomery BCF Vic Hall 2000s As reported on the Four Corners national TV program in 2008, Helen Pomery was forced to shun her own daughter (due to the daughter’s assumed ungodly living) to the extent of not talking to her after her daughter was kicked out of the house. Helen was required to write written reports of her obedience or otherwise to her husband and the elders. Then she was kicked out of her own home and divorced by her BCF elder husband whom she had loved. There, of course, is no Biblical justification for divorce other than unfaithfulness. God does not expect wives to obey husbands like slaves.
Paul ‘Kovaks’ MCF Laurie Holland
David Bonham
Steve Anderson
Steve Holland
1995-2016 At the continual threat of hellfire, Paul Kovaks, a PhD CSIRO scientist, was banned from doing an essential ‘postdoc’ internship and forced to stay in a job 5 years longer than he wanted to. He was banned/delayed from commercializing his software for 7 years. He became unemployable, lost complete confidence in his abilities and the family of six lost their home. He was ultimately banned from thinking about technology at all or from any ministry over a 20+ year period. It amounted to psychological abuse for 20+ years, causing him to believe that he was sinning to loss of salvation simply for wanting to switch careers. That’s me. It was very hurtful and I cried every week for 20 years, often while mowing the lawn.
Simon Doyle NCF
Clay Williams
Tim Maurice
2000-2017 Simon Doyle grew up with a childhood somewhat warped by XCF fear mongering (they’d made him think a few seconds of flirting would forever damn him) only gradually noticing the exclusivity and cultishness of NCF/SCF. Ultimately he was forced to take up a career he didn’t want, study it their way, lost his sister for many years and was banned from a marriage. Crazy, destructive & prescriptive ‘guru headship‘ bullying.
‘Thanomere’ ICC (Ipoh) Vic Hall 2000-2015 ‘Thanomere’ was a young leader, loved by all in Malaysia, nurtured by Vic Hall, and top man in Ipoh, at the expense of his supposedly wayward parents who he was to shun. But then, when Than began to mix with other churches, Vic Hall turned up, verbally abusing him, accusing Than of all sorts of ridiculous sins such as being damaged and feminized and so on and telling lies to the other elders without Than present. Than was brutally cut off from leadership and the congregation he loved, and which loved him, especially the youth. Reputation. Ministry. A life’s work. Finances. Destroyed overnight. Apparently this is typical Vic Hall in action. Causing division between friends and family members. And then coming with his hatchet.
‘Martin’ & ‘Liz’ BCF ? 1999 Devoted couple, still in BCF, sold all their brand new boat and water sports equipment due to it being declared an ‘idol’. Then lsot their son forever when he left due to the control freaks. Just stupid and mean spirited. And I noted this lovely friend of my wife’s has 3 boats in his backyard now.
Aad & Aria SCF Tim Maurice 2005-present Hugely giving, exuberant Dutch couple. Gave their daughter up to Sydney and then banned from making contact with their grandchildren when they left MCF. Why? They didn’t 100% agree with MCF/SCF teachings. Aad gently, kindly and Scriptually warned me about MCF’s wayward teachings around 2000. I’ll never forgive myself for having largely ignored him (I did agree on some points) and losing contact.
‘Eleanor’ MCF ? 2000-present She was the most giving girl in church in her ministry to children and in every other way. But then her flat mate ‘minders’ (leaders) in a girl’s share house kept criticising her exuberant nature and other so-called imperfections, the church dumped endless babysitting for elders’ kids, not to mention leaders destroying her career despite her winning teaching awards, and she eventually cracked. She left and was cut off from her huge and well-connected family and banned from seeing her nephews and nieces. Unforgivable presumption and experimentation of a stupid theory. At least her parents are talking to her again.
‘Nell’ & ‘Jimmy’ MCF ? 2005 This senior couple just loved sharing the gospel and singing and playing organ at old age homes. When they wouldn’t lay down their ministry at the elders’ request they were declared ‘unworthy’. And the poor ol’ organ player, Jimmy, was blind. No understanding of common decency. And these were just about the only MCF ones ministering to the community!
‘Chris’ & ‘Catrina’ MCF ? 1992-1997 Asked to stop seeing her parents up country. Later he was recommended to switch jobs for no real reason. And they saw what was happening to others. They got out early, not wanting to pointlessly waste their lives away. Dodged a bullet.
‘Damien’ MCF David Bonham 1992-2000 Forced to do a career he didn’t want to do. Ridiculous mentoring of the most friendly and kind-hearted young person you could imagine. Miss you D.O. You up in Qld? Contact me!
‘Cameron’ MCF David Bonham 1992-2004 Olympic level runner continually bullied for his running interests. Accused of idolatry. Declared ‘un-marriageable’. Treacherous counsel of a talented young person. Creating disgusting burdens for people. Soul destroying declarations. Totally anti-Scripture.
‘Jack’ MCF ? 1997 Lovely partly disabled gent, probably hitting his 40s. Married a non-MCF Christian girl. The day before his wedding, all his friends were called up by MCF and banned from attending the wedding and reception. Can you imagine that at the reception? Just cruel. Ends justifies the means hey? But MCF, even your ends are misplaced! And your means? Disgusting, demonic. God bless you RW.
‘Pete’ & ‘Eva’ Nhill CF Ashleigh Miller 1998 Wonderful couple, needing to take up a job offer further North. Told they’re idolizing work and lacking faith. Treated like visitors for their monthly attendances back at Nhill. Screamed at by her relatives. Just mean spirited. Why can’t you respect people’s sanctification to make their own decisions? And accept that there is life outside of XCF? Your actions show that there is little Christ in you and XCF is a near worthless place, not a blessed place! And, my friend Ashleigh, have you apologized?
‘Stefan’ & ‘Rose’ MCF ? 1999 Partly disabled man and his girlfriend hitting forties banned from marriage. And he was asked to donate most of his disability payout to the church. Typical MCF, insisting on their judgement of perfection. In a real world. And on an still almost young couple getting older every minute.
‘Shawn’ & ‘Jeanie’ MCF David Bonham
Steve Holland
2004 When their 14 yo daughter ran away from home, the close knit homegroup was called up not to contact this distraught, ultra-giving couple. Later, he was banned from taking up a promotion in Bacchus Marsh. Now about to retire, it turned out to be the only promotion he ever got. Just pure evil. Sick. Later the other couples in the homegroup explained how much they had wanted to comfort them.
‘Brent’ & ‘Kim’ MCF David Bonham
Steve Anderson
2009 Was a quiet guy who finally found a bride overseas who joined the fellowship. But they had to get married outside of church due to being banned from marriage. Later told by Steve Anderson that that leader had ‘no heart’ for ‘Brent’. No understanding of the differing journeys people take. Horrendous leadership.
Milena ‘Kovaks’ MCF Rhonda Bonham
Helen Holland
1990s In her 50s, long time Christian, starting to come along to MCF with her committed husband. Instead of being welcomed she was told to her face that she was one of the ‘young women’ that needed to learn from the ‘older women’ despite her life experiences and gifts of hospitality she was already sharing with younger women. Zero wisdom on the leaders’ part. No attitude of welcoming to inclusion.
Jeff & Annette Hammond MCF Ray Jackson Jnr
Vic Hall
1995 An ground-breaking elder kicked-out because he wanted to discuss the new ‘guru headship’ teachings. But was told it was a ‘Fathered Word’, ie, already discussed up in BCF. Jeff & Annette were the ones who had academically validated the earlier (good) restorationist teachings. And they get left out of the validation of the new word?

7 thoughts on “The Little Ones List

  1. Add me to the list Paul, what;s worse i brought my sister in young enough to be indoctrinated. And now I’m only just able to start to heal 14 years on from the fear, unworthiness and crushed self esteem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Melannie, no probs, will do.
      Can you drop me an SMS on 0411 091 999 or email on ?
      Tell me/Justine what happened as little or as much as you want. The great news is you’re free despite the lost years. I’m pretty sure I know you and your sister . . Right?
      Regards Paul.


    2. I’m posting this on Geoff’s behalf Mel . .

      Hi Melannie
      I feel your pain, as I was in BCF for 27 years and I am slowly healing from the spiritual and mental abuse and shunning. Its always a torment around anniversaries and birthdays and Fathers/mothers day, Christmas etc. I pray most days and cry often for my family locked in there. Forgive them Father……… “Let my people go Lord” is my plea.
      May the Lord Jesus grant you Peace as only HE can give
      bless you Geoff


  2. Hello.
    I was part of BCF and it’s queensland churches for 30 years before upliftng my family and leaving 12 years ago. I have some story to tell(!) if you were interested or it was relevant.
    I’m wondering if you have contact with Aad and Aria. They were friends/ business associates of my ex husband (also Dutch) and were very helpful to me some years ago. I have a contact number but would like to enquire after their health before making contact. Thanks you. Anne my best contact is by email or 0414451410 (text message).


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