A plea to MCF congregants

We heard there’s new revelations coming from Vic Hall & BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship). About communion, that it should be done as a genuine meal or supper with discussion of the word. All to do with Christ being the bread of life, so maybe no need to have literal bread. These claims seem over theContinue reading “A plea to MCF congregants”

Vic Hall and BCF are preaching salvation thru obedience to elders

I just listened to one of Vic Hall’s recent live streaming communion messages (Oct 4, 2020). He rambled thru a commentary of the epistles of Timothy & Titus and simply said it all meant that our salvation is dependent on how much we let ‘watchman’ elders, who are part of a presbytery, speak into ourContinue reading “Vic Hall and BCF are preaching salvation thru obedience to elders”

How does MCF/BCF pull-off institutionalized bullying?

It struck me today that what MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) and BCF (Brisbane CF) essentially have managed to achieve is institutionalized bullying. But how do they manage it without tipping off everyone? Part of the answer is the new, un-Biblical theology has so many built-in excuses for bullying: You need to hear from outside yourselfContinue reading “How does MCF/BCF pull-off institutionalized bullying?”

So, what are we saying MCF?

MCF (Melbourne Christian Fellowship) and BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship), you were a standard bearer in the modern day return-to-Biblical teachings move, despite your earlier cultish ways. Come back to Scripture! Give up Vic Hall’s heresies which are simply not in the Bible. We implore you. We miss you. The Body of Christ needs you. ForContinue reading “So, what are we saying MCF?”