Vic Hall and BCF are preaching salvation thru obedience to elders

I just listened to one of Vic Hall’s recent live streaming communion messages (Oct 4, 2020).

He rambled thru a commentary of the epistles of Timothy & Titus and simply said it all meant that our salvation is dependent on how much we let ‘watchman’ elders, who are part of a presbytery, speak into our lives.

Nothing other than the same false teachings they’ve been saying for 27 years now.

It’s all designed to keep you at BCF & MCF since nobody else has presbyteries that’s keep guard over watchman elders like them.

Well, it’s trying to lock people by fear into staying at BCF & MCF.

Of course we should listen to leaders. But nowhere do any of those readings from Paul’s epistles suggest that such elder ship guidance is anything other than towards godly, wholesome living.

The truth is that weighing up inputs helps us in our walk. But that’s it.

But at BCF & MCF people get and expect much more! They are told what to do with their lives, work & ministry wise, who to marry, who to befriend and who to shun.

And that’s what saves them!

Not the blood of Christ and a life of humility amongst our brethren and the world.

Instead BCF would have us believe our salvation comes from going seance-like to hear our palms read by elders with spiritual sight.


God wants us to be transformed by the Holy Spirit and hearing the simple message of the cross to make our own godly decisions and make offerings of service and love daily amongst family, colleagues & friends. That is the true gospel.

That is being free in Christ to live our own life according to Christ in us, never forgetting the refreshing and good advice gained from fellowship in the body of Christ.

BCF’s subtle twist is what makes it a dangerous cult.

If BCF simply looked at how the early church lived they would see there was no systematic pattern of splitting off into deep-and-meaningfuls between elders and congregants! Their meetings are described as full of prayer and instruction by a congregants to the group and hymns and spiritual gifts.

There is not one example of a request in the Epistles or Acts (or gospels) to systematically pair off for palm-reading sessions!

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