Vic Hall is . . wrong.

BCF & MCF, I have forgiven you previously.

I only write in the hope that you will stop harming people and make some restitutions to people.

Mafia tactics

I’d like to challenge you BCF & MCF congregants. Is there any scenario in which the ‘mafia’ style tactics could possibly be of God?

  • BCF & MCF have members SCARED as hell to talk to me! Once a month I get someone calling Justine and I. They want out without losing contact with their families. But BCF & MCF threaten them with shunning. Can this be God’s way?
  • Yes, BCF & MCF really shun relatives who have left. Your ‘lovely’ elders spend half their time on cover-ups and shunnings!
  • BCF & MCF sanction divorces and break-ups simply based on one member not going 100% the way of the elders. That is NOT Scriptural.
  • BCF & MCF are locking people up. Stopping people sowing to their own plans. From making their own responsible decisions. You make everyone 2nd guess everything. YOU are driving people nuts and stealing people’s lives.
  • Many everyday BCF & MCF members DO NOT care about the harm being done to people’s families and to people’s lives and freedom. Many of you DO NOT care about those of us who have left and lost, say 30 years of our lives. Or lost contact with family members and friends due to shunning. Many of you DO NOT care.

None of this can possibly be of God.

The purity of offering

BCF/MCF, you have COMPLETELY misunderstood the what and how of the purity of the congregation’s offering.

You do not need to try and determine whether people are on ‘God’s exact path’ for their lives every minute! Whether through psych-ing out sessions or pure fact. That BCF/MCF way is UTTERLY INSANE, and amounts to clairvoyance, presumption and . . yes, gossip. I was shocked at how much other elders knew about things I had confessed. Many of the elders have become sickos through this. Oh, you delinquent leaders! God never meant for you to be getting into such STUPID stuff. Note taking on people’s sins. You silly, misguided, stupid, mean and evil leaders.

You simply need to look for simple fruit! Love. Serving. BASIC holy living. Encouraging. Enthusiasm. Joy. Building up of both simple and advanced knowledge from the Bible and the Lord. Wisdom. Caring. Helping.

Not lists of what they want to do in their jobs! Businesses. Travels. Relationships. Or their ministry plans! Not how much they can quote Vic Hall lingo.

How wicked. How pointlessly judgmental.

What BCF/MCF needs to do

Leaders, you need to be gentle with your congregants.

Not scare them into staying.

Congregants, you need to open your eyes. God’s plans can’t be at the expense of love and decency and kindness.

Vic Hall is wrong about the ‘sight’ of the elders

God wants us to follow His plan for our lives, yes.

But here’s what BCF and MCF got wrong: Scripture does not support our lives being dictated to by elders. It just doesn’t. You can quote 2 Cor 4:6 100 times but it doesn’t mean what you think it does.

Messengers bring us to Christ and the cross. Yes!

But the remainder of the epistles and Acts are NOT AT ALL consistent with messengers guiding our every decision. There is no pairing off of people for ‘palm-reading’ sessions in the Scriptures. It did not happen then. It should not happen now.

Vic Hall is . . wrong.

Abraham spent half his life making mistakes.

He only heard from a messenger a handful of times!

It’s meant to be that way. We learn to live by the Word of God becoming flesh in our lives. By the light of His Word and Spirit.

By elders and messengers only here and there!

What BCF/MCF has become

You have, as a result of these aberrations, become a sick and dangerous cult. An abomination. In two vision, Charles at MCF has seen your leaders playing pointless ‘mouth games’ and wearing millstones and heading into a dark abyss. I want to tear my shirt.

You are the opposite of what you should be.

Over the last 27 years at BCF/MCF you have become a religiously sick cult that is full of PSYCHOBABBLE. You are hardly Christian now. It’s all about psychology and sus-ing each other out.

Your sermons this year sound . . utterly ridiculous and smirkingly, hideously smug. The smugness of your ‘proclaiming’. You think that by confidently ‘Vic speaking’ it becomes true? How foolish. You are playing ‘mouth games’. And what hideous harm it has brought.

I was prophetically named a pillar watchman in your midst!

But you never heard me even once. Ray! Vic! Murray! Bob!

I want to tear my shirt again.

Act now

Congregants, you should care about those hurting. That would be Christian love.

Leaders of BCF and MCF. You need to stop playing global leader of the church.

You are an embarrassment to the Church.

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