Why MCF & BCF are so dangerous

I’m trying to get back to a big picture here.

These cult churches are so dangerous for two main reasons:

1. They teach & practice family breakups.

2. They teach & encourage abandonment of almost all plans, desires & stewardship.

Family breakups

The family breakups at MCF & BCF are so ugly & cruel. Of course as Christians we need to keep ourselves pure from unbelievers including family members. But that doesn’t mean we cut them off or rubbish them. We just don’t get our faith from them.

And of course MCF & BCF will cut off family members just for going to another church! And especially if they left in disagreement with the elders.

Such cruel treatment that parents can’t talk to children or grandchildren, aunts to nieces and so on. This is disgusting.

And they allow divorce on the basis that the spouse disagrees with their spouse or the elders. Totally unscriptural.

And no legal grounds to get justice. Only accept it and wait for The Lord’s justice.

Abandonment of plans & stewardship

This is the one that hugely destroyed me. My plans in business, technology innovation & ministry were identified as idols and I could no longer sow to or steward or enact those plans.

Family is important but the next most important thing to a persons life is what you do with your life.

Well it destroyed me to have no sow-able, buildable plans in business, technology, innovation & ministry.

All due to Vic Hall’s cockamamy theology.

And it affected me for 25 years from age 25 to 49 until I left utterly trampled and greying. Vast missed opportunities. Financially and psychologically destroyed. Trampled to nothing.

Again, no legal grounds to get justice. Only accept it and wait for The Lord’s justice.

Easy to say. Hard to do.

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