A plea to MCF congregants

We heard there’s new revelations coming from Vic Hall & BCF (Brisbane Christian Fellowship). About communion, that it should be done as a genuine meal or supper with discussion of the word. All to do with Christ being the bread of life, so maybe no need to have literal bread.

These claims seem over the top and unnecessary (as usual). 1 Cor 11 makes it clear that communion is a time of personal reflection and communal eating of a small meal in remembrance of Christ. Whether at church or home. It’s neither a discussion of the word or a morning tea. It’s not about nourishment.

It seems like most churches have it right.

My plea to MCF (& BCF) congregants is: why are you accepting Vic’s utterings without critical analysis? In uncritically trusting Vic Hall, you are becoming a place that is convinced by prolonged psychobable. That’s what BCF proclamations are. The Scriptural justification is always pathetic. But the psychobable goes on for weeks.

And why keep following Vic Hall given so many past mistakes that were all driven by an egotistical need to be ‘special’?

The early MCF teaching was somewhat special, but not globally unique. Don’t take it to yourselves. Spread it. And no need to embellish it with Vic Hall.

Think about all the harm Vic has brought;

  • Prescriptively managing men’s lives with guru headship
  • Abolishment of true priesthood of all believers (only allowed to offer Vic’s latest teachings)
  • Shunning ex-members
  • Claiming to be a special Zechariah bowl of teachings
  • Teaching it’s ok to divorce wives just due to lack of obedience to elders!
  • Crazy teachings on vows & offerings that went nowhere
  • Crazy emphases on naming what sort of house your house was
  • Horrific teaching on presumptuous ‘imputation ’ (expecting God to resurrect sacrificed opportunities)
  • Horrific law-based serving of young people (no initiative allowed)
  • Complete lack of interest in leadership and bible study and missionary work in the young generation
  • Being banned from every initiative
  • Then being told: ‘why do you have no initiative’
  • Being pigeon-holed as masters or servants

Everything we did since 1993 under Vic Hall has led nowhere and has required correction and repentance.

All these things are distractions from normal Christian living.

Think about it.

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